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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In his column in the Friday, 3 November, edition of The Signal entitled “Corporations run amok” Bryan Caforio asks the following question:

“Have you ever had your bank or credit card company wrongly charge you a $15 overdraft fee and then ignore your complaints to customer service for a refund?”

Actually, no, I haven’t. I’ve banked at many different institutions over the decades, and whenever any of them have made an error they’ve quickly corrected it when it was pointed out to them.

His entire column sounds to me like the political equivalent of ambulance-chasing, the shady practice of many shyster lawyers, and lo and behold! Caforio’s a lawyer turned politician!

What a coincidence!

Get this:  “Recently we’ve been overrun with stories of financial institutions out of control: from Wells Fargo creating millions of fake accounts, to the Equifax hack exposing 143 million Americans to potential identify theft”.

How is getting hacked Equifax’s fault in any way? That’s like blaming a girl for her own rape. If Caforio can’t tell the difference between the victim and the perpetrator of a crime, it’s pretty hard to take him at all seriously about anything else.

This column is nothing more than a very lame attempt to besmirch Steve Knight by one of his Dem/socialist political opponents, the carpetbagging Westside lawyer. A bit of sound and fury signifying nothing.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Brian Baker




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