The 14 freeway. SIGNAL FILE PHOTO

The History of Los Angeles Freeways 

By Michele E. Buttelman  Signal Staff Writer  Los Angeles is famous for its freeways. If you were born and raised in Los Angeles County you have probably been driving the

Tame Traffic-Related Stress 

Aggravation on the nation’s roadways has become a frequent topic of conversation over the last decade or so. Incidents that involved traffic-related acts of violence have gained increased attention over

A few things to consider when buying a vehicle

The pandemic changed our travel habits considerably, and forced us to reconsider how we get around safely. For example, the latest Hankook Tire Gauge Index found that three-quarters of Americans

The benefits of a defensive driving course

Millions of cars travel the roadways each year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that nearly 1.5 million people are killed in road crashes each year and approximately

How to effectively and safely sanitize your car

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people live. One readily felt effect was spending more time at home. Vehicles sat idle in driveways and even some automotive insurance providers reduced

Convenient tech features you want in your vehicle

Technology has dramatically changed the way people live, and has increasingly changed how they drive as well. While power windows were once coveted as high-tech features, the sophisticated technology available