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SCV residents helping each other out

When 62-year-old Janine Mai posted on Facebook, asking for suggestions because her usual home-delivery grocery service was completely booked, she had no idea she’d be

Taking a walk on the wild side

As lines at Santa Clarita Valley grocery stores grow longer, naturalist Pascal Baudar is spending his time in the fresh air of the Angeles National

A growing devotion to the doodle mix

Because of its fluffy coat, affectionate personality and intelligence, doodle mixes have become the latest crossbreed craze.  Doodle mixes are a cross between the traditional

When we go green for the fun of it

It’s almost time to don your green or get pinched as St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Though we’re a few thousand miles

The secret to a great margarita

Ever since the first classic margarita was poured with tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice on the rocks, different variations of the drink to include

Near misses while being pulled over

Ed. note: The names of some of the innocent (and a few guilty) parties have been changed to protect their identity.  Your heart starts to

Sherwoods share their stories

Everyone always asks Canyon Country resident Rocky Sherwood if he was named after the movie. “No, I was 10 when that movie came out in

Holistic healing and its popular techniques

Holistic medicine has recently grown in popularity as healing methods have gained mainstream attention. Though these methods have been around for thousands of years, their

New year, new money goals

As another new year and another decade begin, many are setting new financial goals for themselves. Though many have already given up on their New

Where all the world’s a stage

Escaping reality and being immersed in a world of fantasy is a fun pastime for some, and a profession for others. The life of an

A passion for the call of the wild

Paul Pondella, who is often referred to as “the Wolf Whisperer,” is more comfortable around wolves than he is people. In fact, it was his