Making the stocking stuffer gift list a little easier

While the holiday shopping list can be overwhelming, taking care of the small things for stocking stuffers doesn’t have to be. Dan Watson/The Signal

Before tackling the big-ticket items on your holiday shopping list, you might want to start small with the stocking stuffers.

While these items can add up if you’re not careful, there’s a lot you can get that’ll still be both unique and practical.

Here are some affordable gifts that are easy to buy and perfect to put in whomever’s stocking needs it.

Christmas tree ornaments

You can never have too many Christmas tree ornaments, especially when each one has a special meaning. 

“Searching for a special ornament for each of my kids to put on the tree has been a tradition of mine since they were babies,” said Katie Regla, a mother of four and Castaic resident. “Then, when they’re older, they’ll be able to take their ornaments with them to start their own families.”

Whether it’s a Disney ornament, snowman ornament or a “Paw Patrol” one, they make the perfect stocking stuffer that can be customized to fit anyone’s likes.

Gift cards, like one to In-N-Out Burger and warm socks with unique patterns can make perfect holiday stocking stuffers for your loved ones. Dan Watson/The Signal

Phone charging cables

Phone-charging cables have a habit of disappearing within a week of their purchase, so you can never have too many of these either, and their usefulness is ubiquitous.

Charging cables can also be customized to fit each person, which also helps to distinguish them and ensure you know who stole yours. 

Lip balm

Another of the less glamorous of stocking stuffers, but one which can help to relieve any winter-chapped lips. 

“They sell those huge packs, and every year, I give my family and co-workers a lip balm in their ‘stockings,’” Stevenson Ranch resident Paula Saul said. “They never get tired of it, and I never get tired of giving them. My son tells me it’s where he gets his supply for the whole year.” 

Reusable bag

Though California banned single-use carryout bags years ago, it’s still difficult for many of us to remember to bring reusable bags into the grocery store with us. 

Getting a reusable bag that folds into a small square is the perfect solution, as it fits in most purses and can be put to use whenever it’s needed. 

“I also love giving out these little bags because they’re just so useful,” Saul said. “I discovered them just last year, and everyone got one, but they’ll get them again this year … My stocking stuffers may not be that fun, but they’re definitely things that they’ll use for the whole year round and think of me.”

Gift cards, like one to In-N-Out Burger and warm socks with unique patterns can make perfect holiday stocking stuffers for your loved ones. Dan Watson/The Signal


Now, who doesn’t love a nice, warm pair of socks? Whether it’s a themed sock or a fuzzy sock, you certainly can never have too many of these. 

“My mom used to give us all socks when we were kids each Christmas, and now she does it for my kids,” Valencia resident Walt Oliviar said. “They’re always excited to find out what new design they’ll get. Sometimes, it’s ‘Christmas-y’; sometimes, it’s not. They love it.”

Just like ornaments, these can be customized to fit each person and make the perfect solution to cold feet.

Metal straws

Reusable metal straws are not only cute but useful, as many restaurants have begun to go withdraw the straw. 

“I actually found out about these when my daughter asked me to buy them months ago, so I figured they’d be the perfect little stocking stuffer gift for her to give all her friends,” Regla said.


Another gift that can be customized to fit anyone’s style, stickers can be put on just about anything.

“With the reusable water bottles becoming so popular, all of my kids have begun stickering them up,” Regla added. “And they don’t just do it once — it’s like a change of clothes. Every few months the stickers change, so this year, their stockings are filled with a bunch of stickers to last them until next Christmas.”

Christmas tree ornaments can make perfect holiday stocking stuffers for your loved ones. Dan Watson/The Signal


These little circular additions can be seen on phones everywhere, but there’s a reason for it.

PopSockets not only offer a stronger grip on your phone for those who are prone to dropping it, but they also can be used as a stand for watching videos and come in a number of colors and designs.

“All of my kids and even my wife have PopSockets, and I wasn’t a believer until it saved me from dropping my 16-year-old’s phone in the pool — she would’ve killed me,” Oliviar said, chuckling. “All my coworkers are getting one for Christmas after that.” 

Bath bombs

You can help a loved one’s holiday stress dissolve as quickly as a bath bomb with this gift.

Giving anyone an excuse to relax in a bath can make bath bombs the perfect addition to a stocking. 

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