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Looking at the car market amid coronavirus

It’s no surprise, the nation entered a recession while the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact pretty much every market in one way or another. Though the economy all but shut

Carving out their slice of the American dream

It’s been 30 years since Lucky and Manjit Singh moved to the United States from India.  In that time, they’ve had two children, owned a convenience store and, more recently,

The modern-day Sherlock Holmes

For many, the traditional picture of a private investigator conjures up an image of someone dressed in a dark overcoat and fedora who sneaks around in the dead of night. 

Outdoor adventures meant to push your limits

As what feels like an eternity in quarantine continues, some feel like they’ve exhausted all the traditional, family-friendly options for fun in the sun this summer.  But knowing that for

Restaurants expand local summer dining options

At a time when the coronavirus is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, restaurants across the Santa Clarita Valley are stepping up their game to provide guests with unique outdoor

Making sacrifices for our seniors’ care

When residents at Oakmont of Valencia Senior Living went into lockdown in mid-March amid rising fears of the coronavirus, their lives changed drastically, but it was the staff who took

More ways to battle quarantine boredom

Though you may be tackling quarantine boredom like a seasoned pro as we enter the ninth week since schools in the Santa Clarita Valley closed, the cabin fever has surely

Honoring Memorial Day while in quarantine

As the weeks turn into months with the stay-at-home quarantine restrictions, weekends seemingly have become just a blur of days, for some. With Memorial Day weekend upon us, for example,

Time to take to the great outdoors, SCV

As Los Angeles County begins to ease the stay-at-home restrictions, the county’s trails and parks are among the first to reopen. With hundreds of trails that traverse the Santa Clarita

Make your own Mother’s Day memories this year

Amid the current coronavirus pandemic, any celebration, from our birthdays to our anniversaries, feels a bit strange, and Mother’s Day is no exception. While the “Safer at Home” directive may

Finding silver linings in a quarantine

As the Santa Clarita Valley goes into week seven of the “Safer at Home” directive amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s only logical that cabin fever is also widespread. While not

Easier ways to explaining coronavirus to kids

The lives of many Santa Clarita Valley residents have been completely upended over the last month, and many are struggling to wrap their heads around the coronavirus. With no school,

Lesson plans for the new normal

As Santa Clarita Valley parents get accustomed to the kids staying at home for the rest of the school year and distance learning the new normal, teachers across the SCV