Art (retired)

Jacket inspires unique artwork, documentary

As Valencia artist Suzanne DeCuir sat with her husband in a stuffy, little hotel room in the Hunan province of China, they began removing layer upon layer of clothing from their newly adopted, 14-month-old daughter Anna.

How to create an eye-catching gallery wall

Gallery walls, also called moment walls, are one of today’s hottest home decor trends. Gallery walls enable homeowners to create visually appealing groupings of photos,

The art of buying art for your home

Designing a home’s interior can be fun. Whether furnishing a first apartment or a newly purchased family home, many people feel that the art they

Let’s get crafty, Santa Clarita!

If you’re artsy and crafty, Santa Clarita is the perfect place for you. Not only are there various classes and events, but also plenty of

Mixing food and art with purpose

Art isn’t just prominent in the name — it’s in the food, across the walls and in their story. Coming to the Santa Clarita Valley