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Water heater leak, single clay roof tile repair

By Robert Lamoureux, Signal Contributing Writer Water heater leak Hi Robert,  I discovered my 50-gallon gas water heater sprang a major leak at the bottom last Friday evening.  My kids

Replacing, repairing concrete roof tiles

Access your roof safely, remembering good ladder safety, and begin by using the Henry’s first to the paper where the tear is, and essentially you’re going to glue this back together.

Aftermath of leaks, permits are essential

Definitely work closely with your property manager, as they’ll be the contact and hiring vendors for the necessary work. Above all, be sure that proper drying out of your unit happens, and that the leak source is determined and repaired.

Issues on installing electric vehicle gates

First things first — you need to contact the Fire Department and find out what they will allow you to block off, if anything. They are the governing body when it comes to access for communities, for the obvious safety reasons.

Deadman or thrust block, what’s the difference?

A Deadman is put under a piece of horizontal pipe and is molded together with all thread and Unistrut, from the bottom. You dig a hole under a piece of pipe that you’ve repaired and put a large block of concrete

Garage doors and redone bathrooms

It will help keep some of the heat load out of your garage, which ultimately ends up in your home. These doors offer more clearance than the old style one piece doors, so you can get a bit larger vehicle into the garage if needed.

Water heater leaks and necessary permits

I live in Canyon Country and read your article religiously. I wish I had listened to some of your advice, because we came home from vacation to find that our entire living room, family room, dining room and small bedroom downstairs had completely flooded.

Robert Lamoureux: garage solutions

Question No. 1  I have a four-car garage here in Valencia, that I’ve had for about 15 years. There are a significant number of oil stains on the floor and

Leak detection and rust issues

Since we can’t see through walls, there is no way to see something such as a pinhole leak in a pipe. That’s just one example of what could be an issue, there can be many other things found behind drywall that could be the source.

Motorhome slab, underground garage upkeep

Yes, you can tie into the main sewer to your home as long as you hire a plumber and get permits form the city. I know many people who do this on the larger lots and it is advantageous to do so.

Sprinkler trouble may be timer issue

I have asked you a question before and appreciate your help. We are in our 80s, and last year, I had to learn how to set the sprinklers for automatic watering.

Fill trenches with slurry to avoid sink

My name is Jerry F. I live in Santa Clarita and I’m not sure if you’ve ever answered questions on commercial properties. I’m hoping you can help me on this, it’s not a big deal, but I have a concern.