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Safety when installing drywall

I can handle many scopes of work around my house as I am a licensed electrician and have years of experience in construction but there are moments where I am uncertain about codes for building, and this is one of them.

Sunscreens give huge savings

Question No. 1 Robert,  You did an article about a year ago regarding window screens in the home that block out sun/heat. At the time,

The right tools for the home renovator

Home renovation projects can be both exciting and tricky. Do-it-yourselfers are inspired by designs showcased in magazines, websites and their community. When DIY enthusiasts see

A kitchen for all seasons

The kitchen has always been the hub of activity in the family home, whether for the family itself or a gathering of friends. No matter

Interior Design, By Ken Dean

Interior design and space planning go hand-in-hand. When people mostly think about the elements that go into creating the interior design of a room, they

Home Improvement

Question  No. 1 Hi Robert, I’m an avid reader of your article though I don’t live in the area. My daughter does live in town