Seniors need to stay engaged

Connection and a sense of community can be critical to well-being as people continue to distance and isolate. It can be challenging, especially for older

Leaving a lasting legacy

It is customary for people to take inventory of their lives as they grow older, wondering about their impact on the world and the people

Protect yourself from Medicare fraud

Restrictions implemented to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 have saved untold numbers of lives. The world has adjusted to such restrictions, and

Don’t ignore the signs of stroke

With hospitals around the country reporting a recent drop in the number of stroke cases arriving in their emergency rooms, some health experts suspect that

What’s next: taking stock

By Mary Petersen, Signal Staff Writer As March blurred into April and now April into May, we’ve grown accustomed to losing track of days and

Grandparenting on hold

By Mary Petersen, Signal Staff Writer I’ve made masks for the family, donned rubber gloves to go to the store, practiced yoga via stream classes.

Common warning signs of arthritis

Arthritis has name recognition, even among people who are not suffering from it. But despite that recognition, arthritis is not as well understood as one

‘Memento Mori’

My daughter’s friend recently lost his mother to cancer three weeks after her diagnosis. She was only 68. It was painful to witness the grief

Seniors and COVID-19

We’ve spent our lives worrying about “macro” disasters — airline crashes, financial dumps, terrorists, even plummeting space junk. Then a novel microorganism comes along and