September Sectional Bridge Tournament

Participants at the September Sectional Bridge Tournament held in Friendly Valley on the weekend of September 17 & 18. Courtesy photo

The eagerly awaited September Sectional Bridge Tournament rolled in last weekend. The two-day tournament, Saturday and Sunday, September 17 & 18, hosted about 1600 players.

It takes a village.

Flyers were distributed months ago. Friendly Valley residents, Hansford and Mira Rowe, reserved the auditorium as requested by Paula Olivares.  Ruth Baker had a sign-up sheet going around for people to sign up and bring their favorite food. Rand Pinsky promised 25 card tables. Bill Brodek, Roy Ladd, Bert Stock & George MacDonald set up the place. Carole Provost took charge of the refreshments. Tracy Boys made a list and paired players and teams.

Santa Clarita has three bridge clubs: the Valencia Bridge Club operated by Rand and Kathy Pinsky; the Friendly Bridge Club operated by Paula Olivares; and the Castaic Bridge Club operated by Rita Vannater. The tournament was well attended by local and other invited bridge players from other bridge clubs. A once a year event, everyone’s welcome to play and earn Master Points as rank qualifications.

The overall winners of the tournament were Steve Gross, Ellen Anten, Paul Markarian and Jeffrey Goldsmith.

Seniors love the game of bridge and the mental exercise it provides. It also allows them to socialize and keep tabs on friends. When someone does not show up, concerned friends phone and check up on them. Others go out, shower and dress up, only for the fun of playing bridge. Some seniors claim that without bridge, they won’t have a reason to go out and socialize.

This hobby is mental calisthenics, a game of passion, total concentration and an endurance game, but most of all, bridge is a gentleman’s game where respect and virtue is a must.


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