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Regarding “Vote GOP in election in November,” published Sept. 16 in The Signal: This is a skewed view on ideology versus reality.

There are strong accusations pointing blame at a Democratic supermajority state because of high taxes and party-fueled benefits. But when the public “demands more” from government, taxes go up – and vice versa. That’s just how it works.

The problem we have is that taxes have become an ethical-based struggle versus a practice used to provide public services. And both parties are accused of doing the same.

So to encourage voters to go “GOP” rather than Democrat because there is unhappiness with how Republicans view the Democratic Party is rash and feeds into the social construct of which party is better.

Rather, we should embody a “bigger picture” mind frame here to achieve full greatness. Voting Republican or Democrat simply will not solve the issue.

This coming November we should be asking ourselves what do we really want. We should all want a country where barriers are knocked down, not forced up. We should want a country that comes together and that respects each other, not pits us against each other and causes division.

We should want a country that works for everyone. Democrats have been at the forefront of political and social issues. So having a state that is a Democratic supermajority has proven to be beneficial to achieving the very values and goals that the American spirit was founded on.

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