Who’s in the ‘sub groups’?

Debate photo - news in santa clarita ca
Santa Clarita Councilman, and candidate, TimBen Boydston (foreground, facing camera) at a recent debate.
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We live in a nation of one people. TimBen Boydston doesn’t see it that way. He’s divided us into “sub-groups of the population such as seniors, disabled and low-income groups” (from the “City Council Q&A 2016” insert in the Sept. 1 Signal).

That’s dangerous thinking for someone elected to represent all the people in this community. Apparently, in Mr. Boydston’s eyes, I’m a “sub-par” citizen of this city because I’m a senior. Even though I’m a dedicated U.S. Navy veteran.

Who else is in his “sub-group” that we don’t know about? He needs to tell more before people decide whom to vote for in November.


George Roberts

Canyon Country

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