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Pussycat, Pussycat, you’re delicious
And if my wishes
Can all come true
I’ll soon be kissing your sweet little pussycat lips!
– Donald Trump (kind of)


What’s new, Pussycat? (Yuk.)

Whoa, whoa!

Really! Whoa! Stop this debauchery train! Delete that video! Make us forget!

Shelter our kids from the degradation! Let us go back in time to a happier, purer place. Whoa, pussycat – can’t we just make all this debasement of our national election stop?

Sadly, I suspect once this pussycat is out of the bottle there’s no putting pussycats, or their grubby analogs, back in. There’s a whole new pantheon of debasement, ripened up and rancid for discourse in a now ever-more-degraded America.

Odd, (or not so much anymore), that the now infamous Trump “pussycat tape” would have gotten just about any American Fortune 500 CEO summarily fired, had such been disclosed.

And odd, or not so much anymore, that the Republican candidate for the land’s highest office gets to skate on this and so much more – with even more to come.

So what have we become?

For Trump, all this “pussycat” talk is easily explained away like some guilty high schooler as “locker room talk.”

Most visitors to LA Fitness or our TPC will tell you that’s not common talk around these parts. I can hardly imagine Steve Knight speaking such a thing.

Down the drain Steve would go, should such ever leak out to our press. But not so with huckster showman Trump.

That we tolerate a WWF promoter, a beauty contest mogul (that all makes sense now, doesn’t it?), a four-time bankrupt businessman, an admitted 20-year-on income tax dodger, a well-demonstrated bigot, and now casual sexual-assault promoter and a debaser of nearly all that is good – all that indicates how we, ourselves, have become simple and debased.

Oh, how we have fallen from admiring such better men as McCain and Romney. These two real men must be puking with indignation at the sight – while 39 percent of the country remains blithely and adoringly blind.

Nothing will divert those increasingly whipped-up and manipulated from their adoration.

No loathsome, offensive behavior will restrain their enthusiasm for the Deplorable One.

Trump has proven himself correct when he declared, “I could shoot someone in Times Square and I wouldn’t lose a vote.”

What is this, this unconditional commitment of voters to Trump? This is both key and proof to a downward spiral of democracy in America.

Years back in the early 1970s, the San Fernando Valley was transitional with huge undercurrents below a broad post-war working-class Mecca.

Sherman Way was a long drag going for miles from east to west, from poor to rich. Mid-way in what was becoming a seedier part of Reseda popped up the XXX Pussycat Theatre.

Long before DVDs, even before VHS tapes, the Pussycat Theatre got dropped on our previously nominally innocent Mecca, and the boulevard would never be quite the same.

Amidst stoic mom-and-pop shops was injected a seedy storefront movie house where the trench coat set snuck in and out, 24/7, searching for self-gratification, despite the public disdain of a strong majority.

The Pussycat Theatre was uninvited, base, degrading to local values, a blight, and posed an embarrassment to the broader community.

With its salacious and blaring marquees, the Pussycat threw rawness into the unwitting eyeballs of all passersby, young and old. Signs flashing and words so blaring there was no ignoring the Pussycat on Sherman Way.

Now, decades later, that area of Reseda still struggles to recover from the mess and collateral damage of the admittance of this and other negative influences.

America, we’ve got ourselves a toxic pussycat candidate, right in the mold of the Pussycat Theatre of old.

Trump is the blight-on-public-discourse candidate. He’s that guy whose fallout will remain, stained upon our national community, long after he’s closed up his XXX candidacy and his blaring, offensive lights have burned out.

He’s left filth on our politics and it’s gotten all over us. We can’t un-see what we’ve seen and we can’t unhear the base tripe he’s blared.

We’re tainted now, and that will take a long time to clean up. The lower, dingier floor Trump has dug out will for decades become the new lower floor of conduct and discourse in our once somewhat semi-thoughtful national political arena.

As to those onetime “family values” of that onetime esteemed national Republican Party? They’ve ditched all that “silly values stuff” and led us on a political parade down the sewer in their grubby struggle for power at any cost. Integrity, virtue, values – all now gone in a devilish deal with their former enemy archetype.

The new Pussycat Party’s pussycat leaders are spineless to defend against this bully what was once so valued. For these pussycats, “cower” is the new “resolute.”

“What’s new, pussycat?” Apparently, everything. What you thought was up is now down, and bad is now good enough if desired ends are realized.

As with that old Pussycat Theatre on Sherman Way, we don’t know how long it will take to clean up our political neighborhood from the mess and influence that was Trump.

Gary Horton is a Santa Clarita resident. “Full Speed to Port!” appears Wednesdays in The Signal.

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  • tech

    You’ve voting for Ma Kettle and claiming moral superiority over the Mr. Pot, Gary? Hilarious! 😀

    Hillary Clinton, the serial predator perjurer she defended and blamed victims for and the misogynist Trump are all reprehensible individuals. The difference is principled individuals denounce them equally while partisan ideologues are selective in their outrage for political purposes.

  • Hey Horton, you do realize that at the time Trump made those comments he was a democrat, don’t you?

  • Brian Baker

    I actually wrote a column about this very topic that I published at my personal blog:

    Anyone can read it there, the illustrated version. I didn’t submit it to the Signal because of the lead time involved, but it’s right on Horton’s topic.

    For those who don’t want to hit the link, here’s the text:

    It turns out that Donald Trump has in the past made some very raunchy jokes about women, the kinds of things we only expect to hear from juvenile boys in the locker room, and in Seth Rogan “comedies”. I’m sure that comes as a big surprise to absolutely no one, except maybe some yokel living in a cave somewhere, completely isolated from TV and newspapers and utterly oblivious up to now of who Trump even is.

    Of course, the Dem/socialists and their sycophants and accomplices in the mainstream media are all over this like white on rice, throwing fainting spells, gasping into their hankies, and ginning up their faux outrage machine.

    Right along with them are the pansies from the Establishment GOP, those spineless hacks who wouldn’t know an actual principle if it walked up and smacked them in the face. The same pantywaists who thought “Jebbie!!” was a great candidate, when they weren’t out losing their own elections; people like John “Amnesty” McCain, and Mitt “Aw Shucks” Romney.

    Were Trump’s comments despicable? Sure. Were they illegal? Nope. Did they affect any US policy? Nope. Was anybody hurt by them? Nope, except maybe the “feelings” of some liberal snowflakes somewhere, since there were no “trigger warnings” issued so they could go to their “safe spaces” to hide from those “microagressions”.

    In the meantime, there’s Bill Clinton running around in this campaign drumming up support for his wife, all the while being fawned over by that same mainstream media. Bill Clinton the convicted perjurer and accused serial rapist. A guy who, as his state’s Governor, corrupted state cops into being his personal pimps. The same guy who sexually molested at least one young female intern right in the Oval Office while President, giving new meaning to the words “there’s nothing like a good cigar”.

    The candidate he’s on the stump for? His wife, Her Royal Arrogance, Miss Pantsuit Clinton, an unindicted federal felon and pathological liar, whose career of corruption is so far-reaching – from Travelgate to the Rose Law Firm to the “Bimbo Eruptions” right up to her email scandal and sham “Foundation” slush fund – that just about everyone who enters her circle gets sucked in, like light into a black hole. A woman whose policies as a failed Secretary of State have led directly to the meltdown in the Middle East, to the cost of thousands of lives and a vast amount of this country’s fortune.

    Yet what do all those allegedly “objective” reporters, and columnists, and limp-wristed political hacks focus their attention on?

    Trump’s stupid jokes.

    The only real upside to this election that I can see is that the overwhelming hypocrisy of the mainstream media AND the Establishment GOP, as well as the absolute lack of any standards of decency of the Dem/socialist party, are all being fully exposed in the harsh glare of the spotlight for all to see.

    Will this country apply its collective wisdom to benefit from this experience?

    That was it, published just BEFORE the last debate. And it seems that Horton’s doing EXACTLY what I described. Big surprise, I’m sure.

  • ronos

    Ah Yes, the Misogynist Right Wing Commenters want to defend their candidate who Represents them So Well. False equivalences with Hillary or Bill are irrelevant to who Trump Is and what he represents : A Dying Republican Party and the power of the old white men with their 1950’s social mentality. Good Bye Guys.

    • Ronos: “Good Bye Guys.”

      ¡Adios Muchach!

    • Brian Baker

      “False equivalences with Hillary or Bill are irrelevant to who Trump Is and what he represents”

      Man, the dumb things you write…

      There aren’t any “equivalencies” at all. That’s the whole point.

      You Dem/socialist screamers and your MSM spokesholes, along with the wimps in the GOP, all have your panties in a wad about Trump’s gutter talk while kissing the derrieres of an unindicted felon, pathological liar and career corruptocrat and her husband the convicted perjurer and accused serial molester.

      You should be ashamed of yourselves, except you have no shame.


    “Gary Horton: America debased by new Pussycat Party”
    Your choice of the word debased was masterful.
    Gary you really went easy on the boys in the locker room.
    Knowing of their pesky dispositions about your opinion column their post were fairly mild
    except for one.

  • noonan

    “Most visitors to LA Fitness or our TPC will tell you that’s not common talk around these parts.”

    I got news for you Gary, I’ve been to both places and when guys get together, they can and do say racy things. Since women are all over the place at LA Fitness, it doesn’t happen. But on the 3rd hole? In the men’s lounge? Now in your world maybe you don’t hang with guys. Maybe you just hang with women where such talk does not occur. Or maybe you’re just full of it.

    The sanctimony and hypocrisy of the left never fails to amaze me. The Clinton’s literally screw Haiti out of millions but ol Horton wets his pants because someone said pussy.

    Finally Gary, Hillary is going to win so why not spend the last month convincing us she’ll be ok, if you’re able. Clinton and Trump are the luckiest people on the planet. They are the only people in America running against the only other person in the country they could beat.

  • First, let me be clear, I am not a Trump supporter and never intended to vote for him. Ditto for Hillary.

    But in the interest of being fair in balanced, Gary made the following statement:
    “Odd, (or not so much anymore), that the now infamous Trump “pussycat tape” would have gotten just about any American Fortune 500 CEO summarily fired, had such been disclosed.”

    If the “pussycat tape” would have gotten Trump fired, I think it’s more than fair to say that if Hillary handled a company’s intellectual property or confidential information in the manner she did with State Department e-mails, she would have been quickly shown the door, and certainly not recommended for a promotion to President/CEO.

    The only winners in this election cycle are the media.

    It will be interesting to see how much Bill accompanies Hillary when she travels on business or if he volunteers to keep an eye on things back home. You know, stay as long as you need to dear. I’ll be OK.

    • James de Bree

      Eric, you are absolutely correct. The activities of Bill Clinton messing around with an intern would have resulted in immediate termination in the firm I worked with for over 40 years. Trump’s behavior would similarly result in immediate termination. As to the handling of confidential information, when Hillary’s escapades were first made public, my firm immediately put all employees on notice that conducting firm business using anything other than the firm’s e-mail system, etc. was grounds for immediate termination.

      The scary part is these people are running for President.

  • tech

    A Note to Democrats Over Forty Years Old

    I don’t want to hear your shock and horror over Donald Trump. I really don’t. Almost twenty years ago, in the face of credible and serious claims of serious sexual misconduct — including misconduct in the Oval Office — the overwhelming majority of you chose to circle the wagons to retain political power, even when Clinton’s resignation would have left Democrats in control of the White House.

    So now you’re mounting your high horse to protect the Republic from an alleged predator like Trump? You’ve lost your credibility. You had an opportunity to do the right thing, and now your outrage shouldn’t be confused in any way, shape, or form with principle.

    You mock Trump for placing “winning” above all else, but that’s exactly what you did. You helped debase our culture, excused lying, and normalized adultery for the sake of keeping Bill Clinton in power. You advanced absurd notions like “compartmentalization” to separate a man’s character from his competence.

    I believe Donald Trump should step down. I don’t believe he should get a single conservative vote this November. But when I look across the aisle, I don’t see allies. I see opportunists. I’ll believe your moral stands the minute they impose on you even the smallest political cost. I have a feeling I’ll be waiting a long time.