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Caforio for Congress

One of only three political endorsements I made this year is Bryan Caforio for Congress in CA25 (Santa Clarita, Simi, Porter Ranch, and Palmdale.) Bryan is an attorney and Valencia resident and is running a fabulous campaign, breaking fundraising records in our district, which is now majority Democratic by registration. I hope you give him consideration as you cast your ballots. Here’s why:

Bryan is smart, kind and reasonable. He isn’t anti-business or anti-growth. He’s pro-science. He’s pro- small business. Pro-infrastructure. Pro-local jobs. He’s pro-middle class, being the son of two teachers.

The alternative is not OK with me. Steve Knight has voted many times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which got rid of the lifetime caps and pre-existing condition restrictions that meant my husband was held hostage by one shoddy, expensive policy that he had pre-diagnosis. The plan wouldn’t cover potential and fatal complications from a very common disease he has (transmitted from blood transfusions:) Hepatitis C.

Steve Knight does not believe in a women’s right to decide her own healthcare, telling me to my face that if I, as an older mother, faced a life ending complication on a second pregnancy over the age of 41, it was his decision that I die, rather than have an abortion. His decision, he said, was also that those who are raped or children that suffer incest also have no options, other than what politicians want. He sponsored legislation opposing contraception, including the pill, and also supported legislation allowing single women who become pregnant to be fired. He delayed Zika Virus funding, even as California and Florida saw infections, solely to block Planned Parenthood.

Steve Knight thinks Social Security is a bad idea. My late mother, who was quite frugal and had other resources, still depended on Social Security and the reassurance that no matter what, it would be there.

I believe in common ground. In finding the win-win. In doing something positive. Though I’m fairly interested in politics, I can’t think of one thing that Steve Knight has done in Congress that has benefitted my family as a mother, 28-year resident, and as a small business owner. I can, however, think of a lot of personal stands he has taken that adversely affect me and those I care about.

We have a viable, reasonable alternative to someone whose strong suit is stalling government and voting no.

If you want to change the Affordable Care Act, change it, don’t repeal it. Keep Social Security secure and without the risk of stock market losses for those who have no other savings. Stop wagging your finger at women who, incidentally, make up the majority of voters and the majority of the population.

Bryan Caforio is reasonable and smart. He supports small business and the jobs that infrastructure investment can bring. He understands the private sector and the public sector, having worked in both. He believes in equal pay for women and preservation of Social Security. He understands how government can work fairly for all his constituents, not just activists and extremists. And he can win. We have a real choice this year in CA25. Remember that. And vote.

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  • Brian Baker

    “Bryan is an attorney and Valencia resident…”

    Of all of a year. He’s a Westside carpetbagger.

    “… and is running a fabulous campaign, breaking fundraising records in our district…”

    Which is being provided by the state Dem/socialist machine, not from local sources.

    “…which is now majority Democratic by registration…”

    Due to gerrymandering designed to break up the GOP areas of strength, diluting their already weak presence in the state legislature.

    Needless to say, I’m voting for Knight, someone who actually IS from this area, and knows about us and our local concerns.

  • tech

    “… when 8 years ago the same thing was done to me by Cameron Smyth and you gave him your endorsement.” – Carol Lutness

    Non sequitur. Are you positing The Signal publisher and Editorial Board hasn’t changed recently?

    “Christy Smith is an outstanding person who has the intelligence and vision to be an incredible Assembly person. And she doesn’t associate with right-wing hate mongers.” – Carol Lutness

    Unsupported assertions and you beg the question on your “hate” implication.

    Emotional outbursts and score settling aren’t valid substitutes for facts and reason.

  • tech

    I’m rather disappointed that an intelligent person like yourself would repeat a set of misleading talking points, Ms. Gutzeit.

    • Do you support repeal of the Hyde Amendment? That’s in the Democratic Party Platform and it means Federal funding of abortions. Taxpayer funded abortions ≠ the euphemism of “Women’s healthcare”.
    • Surely you’re aware that there’s ongoing litigation at the SCOTUS level about HHS abortifacient mandates. The Obama Administration has lost a number of cases due to violations of RFRA.
    • Do you think Obamacare is working for the majority of Americans? Daily we read about insurance carriers exiting markets and your fellow Democrats admit it’s flawed as citizens are outraged by skyrocketing premiums and high deductibles that equal “coverage” but payment out of our own pockets. Yet you tick off a few positives that could have been accomplished without Federalizing our entire healthcare system. The full effect of employer mandates has been conveniently delayed until Obama is out of office. Let’s not forget the words of MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber who stated:

    “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,” Gruber said. “And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.”

    Your oversimplifications and appeals to emotion aren’t compelling. The Democratic Party at the local, state and Federal level is the party of Big Government promising benefits in exchange for votes. Like Obamacare, your party proposes top down, one-size-fits-all mandates backed by government force. These aren’t SCV values and Mr. Caforio is the face of the party elite relocated and masked as a local resident. Frankly, he’s doing the job he was hired to do.

  • noonan

    Steve Knight delayed zika funding? Wow, I had no idea our Representative had so much power.

    Thank you for demonstrating that my vote against you recently was a profound and correct decision Maria.

  • accolades Tech. Smart Noonan