John Musella
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In Santa Clarita, we love our hometown heroes – those who have served our country and our community.

With so much negativity this election cycle, I think it’s important to realize how much is right with our community here in Santa Clarita thanks to our hometown heroes.

When we turn to our ballots on Nov. 8, I hope the voters realize that this election season for us locally is about electing leaders who love our community and want to keep it one of the safest places to raise families and one of the most business-friendly locations in California.

I hope voters take a serious look and support our local candidates who love our community and who run positive, uplifting campaigns.

Many of us moved to Santa Clarita because of the quality of life that has been created – good schools, low crime, parks, access to open space, etc.

These things didn’t just happen. We have many of our community leaders and elected officials to thank for what we all enjoy today. Sure, nothing in life is perfect, but I believe Santa Clarita is pretty darn close.

Thankfully, here at home in the Santa Clarita Valley we have some of the finest elected officials who have spent years working with our nonprofits, charities and business organizations to fully understand our community and support it.

These folks love our community and provide valuable community leadership.

As we look to vote for our local (aka “down-ballot”) candidates, let us remember many of the incumbents and candidates who have made our community great need your support on Election Day.

Over the last few months, millions of dollars in outside money have been flooding into the Santa Clarita Valley supporting candidates who either don’t have any experience living or working in our community or have no real vision for, or understanding about, the Santa Clarita Valley.

A good example of one of our hometown heroes is our congressman, Steve Knight. Simply put, Steve is a great man. He was born and raised in this congressional district and he loves Santa Clarita and cares about our values.

I know Steve and his wonderful wife, Lily. They’re good, salt-of-the-earth people. We may not agree on every issue, but I’m proud to stand with Steve Knight for Congress.

On the state Senate side, we have Assemblyman Scott Wilk running to represent us. Scott and his wife, Vanessa, are hard-working, smart people who love Santa Clarita. There is simply no question about that.

In the Assembly, Scott has fought for our families and businesses and has earned a seat representing us in the state Senate.

And even closer to home there is an unhappy little group that is desperately attempting to challenge a solid group of incumbents running for re-election to the Castaic Lake Water Agency.

Our local community team and hometown heroes running for re-election are Bill Cooper, R.J. Kelly, Bill Pecsi and Jerry Gladbach. This group of incumbents deserves to return to leading CLWA with the integrity and dedicated leadership we need on water issues facing the SCV.

Let’s re-elect our experienced, level-headed, thoughtful incumbents.

And finally, on the Saugus Union School District board, Bruce Fox is our hometown hero for the job. He’s new to campaigning and running for office, but he’s not new to Santa Clarita.

As an adopted son, Bruce knows first-hand the importance of strong families and top-notch schools. He and his family have lived in Santa Clarita for nearly three decades.

He’s smart and driven and will serve us well on the Saugus Union School District Board.

For the rest of our hometown heroes to vote for, like Santa Clarita Mayor Bob Kellar, Cameron Smyth and Dante Acosta, please visit

So when we head to the polls on Nov. 8, let us cast our ballots for our hometown heroes. If we support them on Election Day, we’ll send Sacramento and Washington a clear message: We can’t be bought by special interests and we know what’s right for the community we love.

John Musella is the immediate past chairman of Log Cabin Republicans California, the largest statewide LGBT organization in the nation, and was elected to the 38th Assembly District Republican Central Committee.

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  • noonan

    Hero? What the hell is wrong with you? They aren’t heroes, most of them are scum sucking parasites. The age of our “leaders” being heroes is dead. They go from one elected office to another and make little difference unless it’s a bad kind. For example, you cite Keller. The guy that supported the monstrosity billboards that nobody liked. The guy that likes 6 million dollars for a private theater so him and the grandmas can make more money by pouring money into downtown Newhall. The guy that blows off questions about the recent embezzlement and in general looks like someone who had someone take a dump in his Wheaties each morning.

    Politicians are dirty scum and the only difference is that some do a lot of damage and some just do a little. The really good ones do nothing. I despise them all and what does it say when our electorate thinks they are heroes?

    • indy

      I think the idea that our leaders are by default ‘heroes’ to be misleading and one reason so many Americans are ‘frustrated’ over the lack of resolve by our leaders to address the problems facing us.

      It’s great that some of the folks are ‘nice people’ but that doesn’t per se qualify them to run our government.

      And sadly, once these ‘nice folks’ get into public office, many of them simply find that ‘blaming others’ is the only thing they are qualified to do.

      As far as the candidates for the water agency, how are we doing under the incumbents to manage our aquifers?

      At the state level, the LA Times reported that the land over some of them was ‘sinking’ as much as a foot per year from over pumping. Simply telling us that management of this is somehow defeating economic growth is bizarre . . . but too many leaders who have been told to simply recite party ideology positions aren’t helping anyone . . . nor looking to the future that our young people will inhabit.

      In any event, public policy should be based on ‘demonstration’. In other words, proposed policy should be based on something we can ‘see’ versus being told it will work since a leader was ‘was born and raised in this congressional district and he loves Santa Clarita and cares about our values’.

      The politics and the manner in which they were being run by party leaders we can now see isn’t working.

      This is opened the door for candidates like Trump who simply goes even a step beyond current politicians and promises things that only ‘he’ can solve . . . even if he’s only a real estate promoter and a star on a reality show.

      And his opponent has no clue any more than him regarding who globalization effects the off shoring of jobs and falling wages. The drivers of these issues are ‘unknown’ to the public and media alike.

      And why don’t economist who know better step up and help? They don’t want to be left out of possible ‘consulting’ jobs for the same folks.

      Look at the economist back in the early part of 2008 on the President’s Council of Economic Advisors. They were still telling us we have more ‘growth ahead versus the reality that took place.

      Finally, with respect to the city council, we’ve been lucky to have well qualified City Managers (read ‘bureaucrat’) that ran the city appropriately. The council that sits there to create policy can’t even get a year round homeless shelter for local citizens that have been harmed by off shoring and wage stagnation.

      It’s not enough to say people that can’t find jobs are simply ‘lazy’. Or that a year round shelter would draw people here to sleep on a cot with strangers and be kicked out of the facility at ‘dawn’ and let back in in the evening.

      Until the media can do a better job of exposing which candidates have the qualifications and educational background required for management positions to lead us, nothing is going to change . . . managing government on ideology doesn’t work.

      We have to do better . . .

  • Nan Yabez

    WHAT A JOKE! How about just pull a straight party ticket lever for the LOCAL REPUBLICANS… Did you have to be soooo obvious?

    I already voted and I am happy to vote for the challengers in nearly every race. Enough of the incumbents! I read that one CLWA incumbent has been on the board for 31yrs? SERIOUSLY? Time for change and I am happy to be a part of making it happen. We have been under the regime of the party machine for far too long, and now with sexual harassment coming to light and several other glimpses into embezzlement at city hall, and misdeeds/favors for developers, it’s time to STOP THE MADNESS!

    Did anyone besides me notice that the contract to build Castaic High School went to a company named CASTAIC HIGH SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY??? No corruption there… wake up SCV!


    • noonan

      “Did anyone besides me notice that the contract to build Castaic High School went to a company named CASTAIC HIGH SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY??? No corruption there.”

      Why is that corruption?

      • James de Bree

        This will be subject of a future column that I plan to write at some point down the road. This is part of a larger issue involving school construction costs. Not surprisingly, the owners of the special purpose construction companies are major funders of school bond measures.

        • phil ellis

          Jim, I think that potential construction company (and other) benefactors are often times funders of bond measures. As an example, check out supporters of County Measure M.

          • James de Bree

            I know they are.

  • noonan

    “WHAT A JOKE! How about just pull a straight party ticket lever for the LOCAL REPUBLICANS… Did you have to be soooo obvious?
    I already voted and I am happy to vote for the challengers in nearly every race.”

    Irony is not your strong suit Nan. Do you realize you just called someone a joke for doing the same thing you did? God help us all……

    • Nan Yabez

      I’m not sure I know what you mean. There are plenty of Republicans in my list of Challengers above. Can’t be helped that mostly all of the local seats are currently held by Republicans and it’s the Democrats that are now rising up to challenge their positions as leaders in the community. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the challengers are going to be Democrats. But I’m not voting the party lines I’m voting for people, people that will exact change in our community. People that will rise up against the establishment. Regardless of their party affiliation.

      • noonan

        Like Lynn Plambeck? Laughing…..

  • noonan


    Plambeck is an incumbent. Perhaps you should have a 9 year old look at your “work” before he hit the post comment button.

  • Nan Yabez

    Plambeck is not an incumbent of a Castaic Lake Water Agency. She serves on the Newhall County Water District and is running for the Castaic Lake Water Agency has a Challenger.

    • noonan

      Oh, my mistake. I’m sure she will bring her special talents to CLWA too.

  • Nan Yabez

    And yes, Boydston is an incumbent however he has been blocked at every turn. I think if we get the right people on city council they can make a difference in our community. Tim Ben is one of those people

  • Catherine Flynn

    An honorable way to serve one’s country is to pay taxes. FREEDOM ISN’T FREE- REAL PATRIOTS PAY TAXES

    • tech

      Only what they owe under the law, right?

  • The idea of a politician as a hero because of their “public service” is laughable.

  • Yusef Nazarian

    Might be corny, but I’m not ready to sell our Santa Clarita to people bought and paid for by the CA democratic party and national DCCC who pour money into our area