What is a Grandmother? Have you ever wondered about your grandmother?

“Savta Ester” watercolor by Naomi Young of her grandmother. Courtesy photo
We all know and love our father and mother but do we really know and appreciate their mother, for if it wasn’t for their mother, it’s very clear our parents and us would not be here.   A grandmother is the glue that holds the family together especially, under hardship and stormy bad weather. A grandmother is the head of the tribe she sets the tone and the vibe.   She knows when to be strong and fight or be polite and keep quiet, when to give and sacrifice and when to be loving, graceful or nice.   Gathering years of experience at her age she’ll lend you her ear or advise you as a sage. When you look at her black and white photo, she’s the one who transports you to days bygone. She’s a sweet memory of an old tune or a song that reminds you that family ties must be strong. She’s memories of holidays with families that gather at dinner parties filled with fun and laughter.   She’s a smell of homemade cooked food that means comfort and everything that’s good. Nothing makes her proud to see her family grow and thrive and being involved in their daily lives.   I know grandmothers come in all shapes and sizes indicative of her time, mine wasn’t big on words, no big surprises. My Grandmother Esther was petite, funny, pretty, smart and busy all the time far from being perfect, yet she was mine.   Grandmother is a picture of love and family traditions that are passed throughout the generations. A special woman, like no other that is a GRANDMOTHER.   Dedicated to my Grandmother Esther of blessed memory.   Editor’s note: Both poem and artwork are on display at the Santa Clarita City Hall First Floor Gallery, located at 23920 Valencia Blvd., Valencia. Exhibit runs through November 10.