Linda Pedersen: Re-elect Boydston to the City Council


TimBen Boydston has served the citizens of Santa Clarita well as a current member of our City Council and deserves our support for re-election.

He has always used his administrative skills (executive director of the Canyon Theater Guild) and property management experience to dig deeply into city development and business proposals.

Councilman Boydston is very accessible and listens to public concerns. He is the one asking so many questions on our behalf before voting on key issues brought before the council.

Traffic studies, parking, city growth, water treatment and downstream chloride are just some of the continuing issues facing the city in the coming years.

Councilman Boydston will ensure open debate at City Council meetings, encouraging the other council members to bring forth their positions and ideas.

Transparency is a much-overused term these days, but that is what TimBen Boydston has always stood for, even before it was trendy.

Let’s keep him on the Santa Clarita City Council.

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