Letters to the Editor: Oct. 20


Candidates who listen to citizens

My recent experience in addressing the red light camera enforcement in the city has given me a first hand opportunity to directly see who in our city listens to the citizens, and who does not.

As a citizen advocate, and after doing some research on our city’s camera enforcement, I found some serious flaws in the system. I brought this to the City Council’s attention at the time the contract for this enforcement was up for renewal.

TimBen Boydston took my concerns seriously and put forth a motion that would result in a complete overview of the system. Bob Kellar seconded the motion. Throughout the one-year review I had the opportunity to meet with both of them, and later Dante Acosta after he was elected. All three were very receptive to the facts. This cannot be said of all council members.

The city ultimately hired an engineering firm to study the issue and my concerns were confirmed. The seriously flawed camera enforcement would likely still be with us without their understanding the facts and ultimately voting to remove the cameras. They listen and are true advocates of the citizen.

Please join me in voting to return TimBen Boydston and Bob Kellar to their seats on the Council, and voting to send Dante Acosta to represent us in the California 38th Assembly district.

Jim Farley


Planned Parenthood money

Bryan Caforio is trumpeting his support for Planned Parenthood and its government funding. In fact it gets over $300 million in every budget. That’s $300 million that cannot be used to replace the money taken to pay off the insurance companies through Obamacare. They took $714 billion to do that. That’s money that cannot be used to increase funding of education. Then, I suppose if Planned Parenthood does enough abortions there won’t be such a great need for education funding.

With Planned Parenthood’s abortions and Obamacare’s raid on Medicare, there will probably not be enough young or old people left to bother them. Yes, the Hyde Amendment says federal funds may not be used to pay for abortions. However, if I have a total budget including abortion spending of $1 billion and you send me $300 million restricted funds, what stops me from using your restricted funds to support portion A of my budget and shifting $300 Million from the portion A budget to fund abortions?

Mr. Caforio, like most Progressives, is not interested in any of this. He is only interested in spouting drivel that he believes will keep his Progressive base activated and voting for him.

Clyde L. Dotson

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