Letters to the Editor: Saturday, Oct. 15


Alonso has the experience and fresh perspective needed

On Oct. 6 The Signal published an editorial discussing the upcoming election for the College of the Canyons Board of Trustees.

I found the article frustrating, to be honest, and don’t feel that it gave enough credit or much deserved respect to either of the new individuals running,

It endorsed the incumbents — and both endorsements, the Editorial Board said, will be the last for those candidates.

The article calls for re-electing the incumbents for both District 2 and District 4 while stating reasons they would not be endorsed.

Once I finished reading the article, I felt pulled to write and further advocate for and endorse Edel Alonso for the District 2 seat.

Edel Alonso brings with her many years of important professional experience that can only enhance the personal traits and qualities she brings with her.

She has worked in different capacities (including counselor, professor, chairwoman of the counseling department and president of the Academic Senate of College of the Canyons).

These experiences would give her valuable insight into different issues, needs and potential problems that she would use to inform her decision-making process as a member of the board.

I think having served 30-plus years on a board (or serving that long on anything, for that matter) that the time has come for change and a fresh perspective.

Alonso brings the fresh, knowledgeable and experienced perspective that is needed to help the college continue providing the educational programs, various services and vocational training that our growing valley needs.

Stephanie Sauer




Smith loses in referendum on character

At a recent forum of candidates for the office of the 38th District of the California State Assembly, Christy Smith resorted to an ambush by falsely accusing Dante Acosta of negligence when conducting financial transactions for his investment employer.

Ms. Smith waited until she had the last speaking opportunity to make her accusations with full knowledge that Mr. Acosta would not have an opportunity to properly respond.

Following Ms. Smith’s allegations, The Signal conducted a thorough review of her charges and found – and reported – that the first two complaints were baseless – and rejected by proper authorities – and the third charge happened well after Mr. Acosta had left the employment of the investment firm.

The Signal further let it be known that Ms. Smith’s “negative campaigning, character assassination and innuendo detract from the issues that voters need to be informed about and otherwise taint the election process.”

Regardless of how baseless and untruthful these accusations were, Ms. Smith and her surrogates continue to create political campaign mailings repeating these same lies.

Such action by Ms. Smith certainly calls into question her ethical standards when engaging the voters of the 38th District.

If the election for the 38th District becomes a referendum on character, there is no question that Mr. Acosta will win in a landslide.

Dennis Fuerst

Santa Clarita



Truth through the storm of mail and TV hit pieces

My household has continued to receive, almost daily, expensive hit pieces from Bryan Caforio’s campaign, which is trying to make Steve Knight appear as some reckless congressman who wants to take away Social Security from seniors and take away women’s health care.

Just the opposite is true. Steve has been extremely successful fighting for issues that impact us in the 25th Congressional District. In fact, his website has what is being called “25 for the 25th,” listing his achievements and what issues he is working on.

Recently my doorbell range about 7:15 p.m., after it had gotten dark outside. I was upstairs at the time, and my initial thoughts were that something was wrong. Who would be trying to contact me at the door this hour?

I quickly ran downstairs with my dog barking, turned on the porch light and asked who was there. I opened the door and, standing there next to my “no soliciting” sign, was a young man from the Caforio campaign, handing me one of the same hit pieces we had been getting in the mail the last few weeks.

I glanced at it and said, “You are sending a snowstorm of hit pieces, spending millions of dollars.” His response was, “Steve Knight is doing the same thing.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Bryan Caforio claims he is against these huge “dark pools” of money from outside our district. Imagine that! Meanwhile, we are in the middle of a storm of his mail and TV hit pieces.

I just hope this trial lawyer from West Los Angeles does not get away with buying an election. The truth is there – just Google the Knight campaign.

Marty Kreisler




Thanks for Boydston’s generosity

I would like to let readers know about the wonderful support that Councilman TimBen Boydston gave to a fledgling community relations group that several of us launched over the summer.

As a number of us became alarmed at the growing national polarization happening between American citizens from different walks of life, and concerned that this polarization could potentially affect our community and our families, we felt a need to create a place where people could get together and share our points of view on ethnic diversity and community relations safely and openly with the goal of a greater understanding of each other.

We first approached the city, but the cost of renting a meeting room, with the attendant liability insurance, etc., was high.

I recalled that Councilman Boydston was also the artistic director of the Canyon Theatre Guild, and I knew from experience that it was a wonderful space.

I contacted him and explained our situation and goals, and he asked me to write a letter to the Canyon Theatre Guild Board of Directors, which he facilitated in getting to them.

The board approved our meeting there on a temporary basis while we tried to make arrangments with a local church to serve as a more permanent meeting place.

We were able to hold our first three meetings at the theater annex, and the staff there made us feel very welcome.

We now have a permanent home and our attendance continues to grow, but we are all very grateful for the assistance of Councilman Boydston and his responsiveness to our needs as we were trying to get off the ground.

Sarah Lowman

Santa Clarita

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