Santa Clarita’s Kalakeke Pacific Island Dance Company Takes 2nd Place in Hawaii

Kalakeke Pacific Island Dance Co. Ohana at Heiva I Kaua'i 2016 with their 2nd place award just after the awards ceremony at Kapaa Beach Park. Courtesy photo

Kalakeke Pacific Island Dance Company, of Santa Clarita, traveled to Kauai, Hawaii and competed in the 15th annual Heiva I Kauai Tahitian dance competition in August.

Heiva I Kauai is one of the oldest American Tahitian Dance competitions and has boasted a number of noteworthy dancers and performances over the years. Tahitian and Polynesian Dance groups from all over the world travel annually to perform and compete at this event. Categories range from solo entries where individual soloists perform impromptu pieces similar to freestyle dance, to complete group entries where groups perform traditional Tahitian Otea, Aparima, and Ahupurotu. Performances are judged based on skill, live music, costume, theme, authenticity, endurance, and accuracy. Dancers and groups are judged by renowned individuals in the Tahitian dance community. Kalakeke PIDC took home 2nd Place in Group Aparima as well as 3rd place in Tamaroa (boys) solos, 2nd place in Tamahine solos (girls), and 3rd place in Tane (Men) solos.

“Competing in Kauai with my Kalakeke Ohana was truly an amazing experience representing Santa Claritas One and Only Polynesian Dance School!” said Gladys Farrell, Director of Kalakeke Pacific Island Dance Co.

Kalakeke Pacific Island Dance Co. was founded in 2007 by the Farrell family. With extensive background and knowledge of Polynesian dance that had been passed down throughout the generations through family and mentors, the Farrell’s felt the desire to share this beautiful dance and culture with their community. Today, Kalakeke PIDC dedicates their time to sharing Polynesian culture by teaching and performing in the community as well as offering authentic and professional entertainment. Kalakeke also organizes local events in Santa Clarita, such as the Santa Clarita Valley Pacific Islander Festival and Te Mana Ori Solo Competition, so that everyone can experience the islands.

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