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Today I have many observations about this political season but no one topic worthy of an entire column. Hence the following is a grab-bag of unconnected political observations and thoughts.

I tried to get Uncle Earl to help me write this but he just shook his head and held up his hand. This stuff is too crazy even for him.

With Hillary’s rough week, polls are now showing Clinton and Trump are even. I am sitting on the fence.

I can’t vote for a man who supposedly abuses women, yet I can’t vote for a thoroughly corrupt politician. What is a good Reagan Republican to do?

Ironically, this may be one of the rare presidential campaigns where the vice presidential nominees really matter. I’d advise all of us to go and review those VP debates. We may be looking at our next president.

The last-minute “October Surprises” are going to come fast and furious this weekend. You watch. I am sure that each campaign had scheduled out hour-by-hour how news items are going to be released to the public about the opposing campaigns.

I am starting to wonder if we need to have a moratorium on political reporting for the week before an election. The gross manipulation of the public that occurs in the last few days is disgusting. Poor reporting, no verification, wild claims and no integrity are the norm.

Sometimes absurdity becomes an art form. The New York Times reported that after the email server issues came to light, Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, told staff to “dump emails.” Podesta told them to do this by email. By email. Because people might see emails. Like the one he is writing.

It doesn’t get much better. Or does it?

The drama with Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner has been an absolute gift to the Trump campaign. While Anthony was taking pix of his Little Tony, he was mixing up personal and private communications that are now public. Whoops.

It’s sad to think we have to rely on emails from a fellow with a clear sexual impulse problem to learn the truth about a presidential candidate.

Locally, we have our own drama. The Assembly race features one of the lowest and dirtiest campaigns I have ever seen. Besides outright distortions of factual information (commented on by The Signal), I saw a campaign flier with Republican candidate Dante Acosta’s picture obviously doctored to make him look like a criminal – dark, brooding and dangerous.

A candidate who would conduct such a dirty campaign I wouldn’t elect to the position of dog-catcher.

For Congress, Democrats couldn’t even find a local candidate to run against Republican Steve Knight. C’mon, Democrats. Why did you pick a West Los Angeles lawyer?

I would have chosen Gary Horton over Bryan Cafario any day.

I think I’m going to start saving all of the campaign literature that I receive. After the election is over, I am going to rate each politician on his or her fliers with regards to negativity. Then we’ll publish the data and let the public decide.

We have a stupid proposition system. There are 17 statewide propositions on the ballot. Here is a news flash: we live in a republic and not a democracy. We elect people to study and vote on these things for us. Every small issue should not be voted on by the public.

For example, condom use for porn stars. Why should we decide this? That is why we pay staffers in Sacto to study these issues, give the info to legislators who create policy and vote on it. We are woefully ignorant of most of these topics and are easily manipulated. That is the risk we are running.

Let our legislators deal with these things. If it’s a huge issue, then we vote. Otherwise, let legislators play with condoms. Wait. That did not come out right.

Vote no on Measures. All of them.

I saw the best campaign video on YouTube the other day. Republican Gerald Daugherty is running for re-election as a Travis County Commissioner in Texas. He is a total numbers nerd and very annoying.

At the end of the ad, his wife looks at the camera as Gerald is “helping” her with the laundry and pleads with voters, “please re-elect Gerald. Please.”

Happy Election Day and remember to vote. Buckle up. It’s going to get bumpy.

Steve Lunetta is a resident of Santa Clarita and will be watching all of the insanity on CNN and Fox. What fun! He can be reached at

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Steve Lunetta
Raging, far-centrist conservative moderate with a slightly tongue-in-cheek humorist approach.
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  • Brian Baker

    “With Hillary’s rough week, polls are now showing Clinton and Trump are even. I am sitting on the fence.”

    Really, Steve? What’s keeping you on the fence? Isn’t there a difference between them on gun rights? How about on border security and amnesty? What about Supreme Court nominations? How about simply obeying the law?

    Those strike me as being some pretty important issues, and you think that there’s no difference between Trump and Clinton that would affect them? So that’s keeping you “on the fence”?


    • indy

      As we see from Trump, he’s basically become a ‘super’ politician . . . bordering on dictatorial leadership where only ‘he’ knows how to solve problems and that the media, using their 1st Amendment responsibilities, there to check our leaders statements, is simply ‘dismissed’ as misleading or critical of him.

      Hillary on the other hand, is a typical politician that goes with ‘polls’ such that she gets elected to office based on going with majority positions of voters.

      Understandably, her personal character assassination over the last several decades is to hide that simple fact and to get the mostly uninformed voters to simply ‘hate’ her and vote for any GOP candidate regardless of their qualifications or personal issues.

      Unfortunately, regardless of who’s elected, the public will remain frustrated economically since neither candidate grasp the economic mechanics of globalization.

      Wages have fallen in the US from off shoring by multinationals who leverage free trade globalization to leverage lower wages and ship products back capturing the wage ‘differential’.

      So when you buy a product from say China at Walmart, you are encouraging off shoring by empowering the multinational providing that company with the most powerful economic force in capitalism: Money.

      Likewise, those Americans owning stock in such multinational corporations ‘demand’ their value increase . . . thus even more off shoring.

      Neither politician wants to confront the public with their roll in this off shoring process nor the driver of falling wages which is unsustainable global population growth currently at about 75 million net per year. Neither address sustainability.

      Many traditional economists believe population growth leads to higher economic growth but ‘assume’ limitless resources which isn’t the case.

      And technology which many see as their economic ‘savior’ is only accelerating resource depletion unsustainably.

      So, it’s understandable why many voters are frustrated . . . open to endless promises from both candidates who persist in promoting outdated folklore . . . think American Dream . . . which left us in the late 70s as wages began stagnating.

      In any event, all the distractions over Trump personal life nor the issues with emails have anything really to do with the important issues facing us.

      Sadly, politicians today seem content to ‘race to the bottom’ when it comes to helping to inform the public. So, we get the nonsense, the innuendo and speculations, and in many cases, stuff that is just ‘made up’ . . . thus the explosion in ‘fact checking’ . . . although it doesn’t matter to many voters.

      That disrespects us as voters . . . and yet the media seems content to do nothing about it . . . even promotes the nonsense for ratings.

      If the public in general demanded more fact-based reporting and reality presentations, we wouldn’t be in this ‘vote against the other’ reality facing us . . . for me personally, it’s embarrassing.

      • Brian Baker

        Doofus, why do you post your lonely idiotic comments as replies to my comments simply because they’re at the top of the thread? They’re completely irrelevant to anything at all that I actually wrote.

        Are you really THAT clueless and ignorant? Is that your lame attempt to get SOME attention to your copy-and-paste droning? Are you THAT desperate?

        For once in your sorry life, get a clue.

    • indy

      Agree with Steve that propositions are a signal that the legislators aren’t doing their job.

      They don’t want to take responsibility for ‘tax’ hikes even when needed.

      On controversial issues like legalization of marijuana, most of them are cowards to address the failure of the WOD and the terrible damage its done to young people.

      As far as the emails go, sad that the 4th Amendment right to privacy is being trampled for partisan politics.

      And I agree that we’ve got too many lawyers in congress . . . we need more engineers and professional managers with sound reality economics . . . not beliefs or ideology.

      As far as military service or being a policeman, I greatly appreciate the service but I’d rather have somebody that can address issues from a more pragmatic position of sound management knowledge . . . think looking at things that are ‘demonstrated’ to work versus simply relying on someone’s past service in both areas.

      I also agree totally with Steve that the mass manipulation by the media for profits from mindless political theater to be a total embarrassment to actual journalist that still respect the public’s right to know things versus just entertaining them . . . leaving them frustrated.

      Finally, with respect to Pence, he should keep his ‘private and personal’ religious beliefs to himself and not argue for a de facto theocracy in America. His history with women’s issues including his denial of funding planned parenthood is outrageous.

      In any event, wouldn’t surprise me at all that Uncle Earl is voting for Hillary . . . a candidate qualified far beyond the real estate salesman that has promised us everything, told us only ‘he’ can solve our problems, and simply makes stuff up depending on the ‘crowd’ he’s addressing. Sorry, Donald, time to go back to your ‘tower’ and protect whatever businesses you have from the prior failures and bankruptcies.

      And Donald, you don’t know more than our military generals being a real estate promoter . . .

      Your slogan should have been, ‘sue yourself to the top’! Suggest taking a course in ‘business ethics’ at your failed Trump University that schemed to take money from people really ‘trusting’ you.

      • Brian Baker

        Hey, doofus, stick your inane comments down at the end of the thread just like everyone else, unless you’re replying SPECIFICALLY to something I’VE written.

        WTH? You think you’re special? I couldn’t care less about your loony rants.

  • nohatejustdebate

    After the irrational and hyper-partisan lunacy of Zaring, Horton, and Kraut this week, our only counter is a guy who can’t decide which vision and agenda would be best for America? After months of lying, deception, and corruption, he’s honestly still undecided about Hillary Clinton?

    Brian, why aren’t you a Signal columnist to help counter this silliness with a serious column for conservatives?

    • Brian Baker

      Thanks for those kind words, NHJD. I appreciate them, and am flattered.

      Actually, I’m published pretty regularly in the Signal. I don’t have a regular column, but then, I’ve never asked for one (and have no idea what the Signal would even think of the idea).

      If you do a sire search of my name ( the first five results are for Guest Columns and/or Letters to the Editor that have been published here since the format change. Alas, my older stuff seems to now be lost to the sands of time. I don’t know why the Signal didn’t make their archives of the older stuff from before the format change available, but they didn’t.

      • Brian Baker

        Don’t do a “sire search”, as I only have one kid.

        A “site search”, though, will give you those results.

        (I want editing back!)

  • nohatejustdebate

    BTW – the Cubs winning the World Series is the best thing that could have happened for the mainstream media. With the devastating revelations from Wikileaks and the FBI every day showing incredible corruption with the Clinton Foundation, they will use this as a distraction in their unrelenting attempt to protect Hillary Clinton for the next five days and hope it works.

  • robert stauffer

    Think about it Steve, there’s just no chemistry with Hillary.

  • nohatejustdebate

    I’ve seen your entries Brian and they are excellent. I’d like to see you more as a weekly columnist. The Signal columnists now look much the mainstream media – heavily stacked with liberal partisans. Unlike these Democratic columnists that ignore the overwhelming and indisputable corruption against Clinton, you’ve not been “on the fence” with her but have also taken Republicans and Trump to task. We need this kind of intellectual honesty from the columnists and a reliable conservative voice to counter their tripe. I’d encourage you to contact the Signal and at least ask. Hey, if a far-left zealot like Zaring can get one and call it the “Rational Center”, it’s obvious they’ll print anything!

    • Brian Baker

      Well, thanks again, NHJD. Really.

      Great point about Zaring!

  • Yusef Nazarian

    Haha great column, very well done. I hope those who don’t agree with you 100% at least “hear” you, if that makes sense.

  • Brian Baker

    And thanks to one of The Signal’s editors who happens to be reading this thread, and who will remain anonymous (Thanks, Lila!), here’s the link to my old stuff: