People take pictures of the candidates that were present at the Democratic Party Headquarters on Lyons Avenue in Oct. 2016. Nikolas Samuels/The Signal
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At the beginning of President Obama’s farewell speech, he said, “Change only happens when ordinary people come together and demand it.”

During his campaign, and throughout his presidency, Barack Obama spoke constantly of change. He often characterized his failed policies as huge successes, assuring the American people, “This is what change looks like.”

I don’t believe Democrats have ever clearly defined change as they understand it, but their relentless desire to impose it on the American people is akin to a cult-like religious belief.

We really don’t need the Democrats’ definition of change to realize the disastrous results of its implementation. The left’s voracious appetite for change is not driven by a desire to make things better, but simply for the sake of change in and of itself.

Hillary Clinton has proudly boasted that she is a “progressive.” Derived from the word “progress,” “progressive” means driving forward and ever-changing. Labeling herself a progressive made Hillary’s definition of change sound much more sophisticated.

One of the biggest changes progressivism has made during the reign of Obama is to the definition of racism. Racism was traditionally defined as the belief that one race is superior to another.

If a person judged another person or treated another person badly or unfairly based on the color of his or her skin, that was traditionally defined as prejudice.

Regardless of which definition one holds, it can hardly be denied that the left has practically obliterated the definition of racism to the point at which it no longer has any meaning.

In the eyes of the left, anyone who is not a Democrat is a racist, and anyone who disagrees with President Obama’s policies is surely a racist of the most hateful kind.

In the era of Obama, the definition of success has been turned upside down, as well. Even as the Affordable Care Act implodes before our very eyes, the president and the Democrats continue to label it a success. They don’t care whether the law is actually working, as long as its implementation brings change.

You can argue with a liberal all day long about the damage Obamacare has wrought: skyrocketing premiums, the loss of millions of employer-based health care plans, the thousands of doctors who have left their private practices, and the unsustainable nature of the law.

But because liberals see themselves as the agents of change, they justify the failing law by holding up the small percentage of people who didn’t have insurance, and who now do, as a trophy – a reward for their good intentions.

Liberal politicians suffer from a complete lack of self-awareness. Their belief in their own righteousness renders them incapable of self-reflection and honest analysis. Their failures are always someone else’s fault.

Last November, ordinary people came together and demanded change. The presidential election of Donald Trump is clearly the loudest message ever sent that the progressive agenda does not work.

Terri Lovell is a lifetime resident of the Santa Clarita Valley, a former home school mom, a College of the Canyons student and a member of a local Republican club.

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  • Brian Baker

    Well said, Terri.

  • Ron Bischof

    “Liberal politicians suffer from a complete lack of self-awareness. Their belief in their own righteousness renders them incapable of self-reflection and honest analysis. Their failures are always someone else’s fault.”

    An accurate summation, Ms. Lovell.

    The 2010, 2014 and 2016 were unheeded messages that unwanted “change” was being forced upon citizens. The voters pushed back.

    Until “Progressives” learn this plain and very clear lesson, they will be in the political wilderness.

    • Gil Mertz

      Based on the “Progressives” reaction to Trump’s election, it looks like they’ll be in the wilderness for awhile. 2018 could be another bloodbath for Democrats, especially in the Senate. All of their efforts to obstruct Trump could actually give him a super-majority. Lead on Schummer and Pelosi!

  • Ed Shalom

    Make America Grope Again !!!

    • Ron Bischof

      The substance we’ve come to expect from you, Mr. Shalom.

      • Gene Walker

        I have Edna blocked. Did he make one of those snarky comments he claims he is trying to eliminate from this comment section?

        I picture him putting on a Hall Monitor sash and beret before sitting down to ferret out posts he finds offensive.

        • Ron Bischof

          You miss nothing by avoiding inane and oddly sexual comments that lack gravitas, Gene.

  • Ed Shalom

    Waiting for the pendulum to shift to impeachment – the men who uncovered the filthy refuse of the Trump campaign have a lot more credibility than Team Trump – doesn’t it ring true that a sex criminal and patron of prostitutes would arrange to deface the bed of his enemy ?

    • Ron Bischof

      “…doesn’t it ring true…”


      On what legal grounds would a President Trump be impeached, Mr. Shalom?

      • Gene Walker

        How frustrating it must be for members of the losing party, it makes me happy to watch them struggle with their new reality.

        • Ron Bischof

          You’re not heeding the dire warnings from the Prophets of Doom, Gene. Protect yourself before it’s too late!

          Fear! Fire! Foe!

          • Gene Walker

            Thankfully, since I have blocked our resident parrots, I don’t have to listen to their silly posts about conspiracy theories, or their imbecilic threats to have me banned.

            My hat is off to you good sir for having the patience, and intestinal fortitude to deal with their nonsense.

      • Ed Shalom

        Treason, for starters….did you even bother to read the articles regarding Golden Showergate….
        Try to logical: If there was ANY foundation to these allegations, it is not conceivable that US intelligence would find NO traces of these criminal acts, even after the fact.
        As such, it is logical that they heard of these allegations, and looked into their plausibility. It is obvious they discovered lots of stuff incriminating the Trump campaign, and decided it merited briefing at the Presidential level.
        As such, US intelligence services are award of very compromising info on Donald Trump, both personal and political. This ensures that Trump will have to be respectful of them, since they hold the keys to his destruction.
        The only problem with this situation for Trump is that the investigations and leaks that are beginning to surface will overwhelm him, regardless of his alliance with his fellow dictator, Vladimir Putrid.
        He will be out into 12 months at the most.

        • Ed Shalom

          Just a small adjustment to my phrasing – Golden Showergate is sounds too polite – lets call it Urine-gate, which is as tawdry as the scandalous acts of the sex criminal and his buddies….future historians will certainly examine all the parameters of Urine-gate, to understand why so many in the US chose to urinate upon themselves…

          • Ron Bischof

            You’re revealing more about your obvious fascination with genitalia and elimination, Mr. Shalom.

          • Ed Shalom

            Unfortunately, just describing and acknowledging the acts of a depraved sex criminal is necessary, however distasteful it may be. I am waiting for a rebuttal to my assertion that the Feds DO have very damaging info on Trump – if a single British hero dug up so much, just imagine what else is out there….once it is published, Don’s defenders will decry how others are fascinated by Don’s filthy laundry (e.g. polluted bed sheets).
            History will point out that while Nixon was brought down by Watergate, Trump was brought down by Urine-gate, and we all know water is much cleaner that urine…

          • Ron Bischof

            With your observed predilections, I understand your need to rationalize a compulsion.

            However, I recommend you keep such “thoughts” private. It’s not a good look, Mr. Shalom.

          • Ed Shalom

            The post below was published on “The Democratic Underground” forum about 10 minutes ago, and probably has about 100 views by now. Join this forum, and you can vote !
            URINE-GATE QUERY:

            The links below demonstrate the unfolding Russian influence scandal came from impeccable sources, MUCH more credible than the denials of a sex criminal and patron of prostitutes. This is EXACTLY the kind of behavior we should expect from Trump.



            Thanks to several heroic investigators, the tip of the iceberg of the filthy and criminal theft of the US Presidency is being revealed.

            While we get out the popcorn and enjoy the show (we don’t mind knowing the conclusion of Trump’s impeachment), we need to focus on a good name for this scandal.

            It seems fitting that history records that Nixon was brought down by “Watergate”, and that history will record that Donald Trump was brought down by “Urine-gate”, since urine is much stinkier than water.

            However, in one of the greatest joys in our democracy, we get to choose the title of this wonderful chapter that has begun.

            Some of the options beside Unrine-gate are Pee-gate and Golden Showergate.


            PS: Would a Star member please create a poll on this subject ??

          • Ron Bischof

            Is “The Democratic Underground” a political fetish site? If so, perhaps you’ll receive the affirmation you so desperately desire.

          • Ed Shalom

            1. Hope y’all enjoyed the SNL skit, viewed by millions, replete with tasteless and offensive jokes about “pee-pee” and “urine” (what is this strange obsession that America has with bodily functions since Trump boasted about sexually assaulting women ?) :
            2. Regarding Democratic Underground, “DU” has had 240,323 user registrations and 74,360,094 posts since 2001.

            3. My post on Urine-gate on DU has almost 500 views in 2 days, with no snarky comments.
            4. My YouTube video on Trumps assets has about 160 views.
            5. I AM getting tons of attention outside of the Signal sandbox – are you jealous ?
            6. Today’s LA times has an article regarding “The ex-spy in Trump furor”, pointing out that that Christopher Steele used to be a MI6 agent (as you know, the highest level of British intelligence) is highly regarded and respected. As such, while it is likely he made some mistakes in his investigation, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE that he got it all wrong. It is clear to me that US intelligence did find corroborating evidence of his findings, which is the ONLY reason they would flag it at the Presidential level. They DON’T do this for the tons of chatter that they observe every day.
            7. Hope all this does not “rain” (haha) on Trump’s inaugural parade – he is such a germophobe….

          • Ron Bischof

            “5. I AM getting tons of attention outside of the Signal sandbox – are you jealous ?”

            No. But it does underscore my analysis of your behavior.

            Keep writing, Mr. Shalom. It amusingly illuminating!

        • Ron Bischof

          I’m very well read and from more disparate sources than you, Mr. Shalom. A President Trump will not be impeached for “treason”.

          Keep tilting at windmills as your obsession with conspiracies amuse.

    • Ron Bischof

      Speaking of “credibility”, this video:

      • Gene Walker

        It appears we have video evidence of a conspiracy, when is the Secret Service going to grab these guys?

        It is unfortunate that attorney Barr looks like Patton Oswald!

        • Ron Bischof

          The Secret Service is checking in with Mr. Shalom for direction. He’ll no doubt waive them off because the proposed “direct action” isn’t planned to occur on a Trump property.

  • Brian Baker

    Oh, good grief.

    I see Shalom’s back, with his trusty obsession with female genitalia in tow and on full display.

    Bud, you are one weird little dude. When you’re not bleating about your nutty conspiracy theories you’re squawking about your perverted sex fantasies.

    Why don’t you do us all a favor and “report” me to The Signal? That way they’ll shut down this thread and delete ALL the comments, including YOUR disgusting drivel, just like before.

    • Gene Walker

      Life has become so much more pleasant since I blocked the Bleating Class that visit this site.

      • Brian Baker

        A “nimrod-free zone”, huh?

        • Gene Walker

          Truly! It’s delightful. As much as I enjoy mixing it up with the less cerebral among us (especially those that think they are the smartest guy in the room) , I’m finding the solitude relaxing.

          I see a line that says “This user is blocked” and nothing more. Sweet bliss!

        • Ed Shalom



          “Instant Karma gonna get you…..” John Lennon

          “That very night Belshazzar the Chaldean (Babylonian) king was killed, and Darius the Mede received the kingdom.”

          — Daniel 5:30-31[1]

      • Ron Bischof

        You should check to see if you’re being followed, Gene!

        • Ed Shalom

          luckily, we don’t rely upon the Signal sleuths for our security….hardly of the caliber of MI6 (e.g., google Christopher Steele). These guys were so dumb they allowed an outsider to tape them, and Veritas was dumb enough to publicize them talking about taking action, when they could have been intercepted buying the chemicals, etc. (Like Donald Trump boasting about sexual assault: he cannot be convicted for bragging) The real lesson is that they could be the tip of the iceberg, and that some sophisticated acts may be planned. IMHO, a good day to check out of all Trump hotels.

          • Ron Bischof

            “our”? Are you associated with J20?

            Curious, Mr. Shalom.

            Are you asserting U.S. security has been outsourced to another nation state and/or a private, for profit firm?

  • Brian Baker

    In fact, I saved us all some time and beat you to the draw. I flagged all your garbage as “inappropriate”.

  • RRM

    Preach it sister! It pains me to say I am starting to feel the same way about “Womens rights” I dont know if it has any meaning anymore. I did not relate at all to the event that took place last weekend. Frankly I was sad and embarrassed to see how many women defined their rights with abortion.

    Change, will it ever be enough?