Brian Baker: The truth shall make you free — and a better-informed voter


On Jan. 18 The Signal published a column by Charles Vignola entitled “GOP’s Russian turnabout.”

In that column, Vignola seemed a bit fact-challenged.

“This anti-Russian zeal didn’t dissipate over time, but gathered strength during the Reagan ‘80s, when the Gipper branded Russia ‘The Evil Empire.’”

Actually, that was the Soviet Union. Geographically the same, but a very different government from today’s Russia.

But let’s cut to the chase and look at his big gripe:

“…Putin decides to screw with America’s electoral process by hacking the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta. …”

Ah, yes. The old “Putin stole the election for Trump” meme. Well, how did he (or whoever hacked those emails) do that?

By revealing the truth. If those released emails were full of forgeries and fabrications, I’d be right there with Vignola in outrage.

But they weren’t, were they? They were full of truth, truth that revealed the depths of corruption of Clinton, Podesta, the DNC, Wasserman-Schultz, Brazile and all the rest of the Clintonistas who were the ones actually trying to “steal” the election through their schemes and machinations, along with collusion with a self-proclaimed “independent” media that acted like criminal accessories and enablers.

Yes, if those emails sank Clinton’s candidacy, then she was sunk by the truth being revealed. But it seems Vignola (and presumably others like him) would rather that truth had remained hidden so she could win.

What does that say about the lot of them?

I’ll take the truth where I can get it because the truth shall make you free, wherever it comes from.

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