Terri Lovell: This is what change looks like

People take pictures of the candidates that were present at the Democratic Party Headquarters on Lyons Avenue in Oct. 2016. Nikolas Samuels/The Signal

At the beginning of President Obama’s farewell speech, he said, “Change only happens when ordinary people come together and demand it.”

During his campaign, and throughout his presidency, Barack Obama spoke constantly of change. He often characterized his failed policies as huge successes, assuring the American people, “This is what change looks like.”

I don’t believe Democrats have ever clearly defined change as they understand it, but their relentless desire to impose it on the American people is akin to a cult-like religious belief.

We really don’t need the Democrats’ definition of change to realize the disastrous results of its implementation. The left’s voracious appetite for change is not driven by a desire to make things better, but simply for the sake of change in and of itself.

Hillary Clinton has proudly boasted that she is a “progressive.” Derived from the word “progress,” “progressive” means driving forward and ever-changing. Labeling herself a progressive made Hillary’s definition of change sound much more sophisticated.

One of the biggest changes progressivism has made during the reign of Obama is to the definition of racism. Racism was traditionally defined as the belief that one race is superior to another.

If a person judged another person or treated another person badly or unfairly based on the color of his or her skin, that was traditionally defined as prejudice.

Regardless of which definition one holds, it can hardly be denied that the left has practically obliterated the definition of racism to the point at which it no longer has any meaning.

In the eyes of the left, anyone who is not a Democrat is a racist, and anyone who disagrees with President Obama’s policies is surely a racist of the most hateful kind.

In the era of Obama, the definition of success has been turned upside down, as well. Even as the Affordable Care Act implodes before our very eyes, the president and the Democrats continue to label it a success. They don’t care whether the law is actually working, as long as its implementation brings change.

You can argue with a liberal all day long about the damage Obamacare has wrought: skyrocketing premiums, the loss of millions of employer-based health care plans, the thousands of doctors who have left their private practices, and the unsustainable nature of the law.

But because liberals see themselves as the agents of change, they justify the failing law by holding up the small percentage of people who didn’t have insurance, and who now do, as a trophy – a reward for their good intentions.

Liberal politicians suffer from a complete lack of self-awareness. Their belief in their own righteousness renders them incapable of self-reflection and honest analysis. Their failures are always someone else’s fault.

Last November, ordinary people came together and demanded change. The presidential election of Donald Trump is clearly the loudest message ever sent that the progressive agenda does not work.

Terri Lovell is a lifetime resident of the Santa Clarita Valley, a former home school mom, a College of the Canyons student and a member of a local Republican club.

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