People take pictures of the candidates that were present at the Democratic Party Headquarters on Lyons Avenue in Oct. 2016. Nikolas Samuels/The Signal
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“In the liberal mind, your freedom is their oppression.”
– From “60 Hard Truths about Liberals”

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more accurate description of the liberal mind. It not only encompasses everything they believe, it accurately explains their bizarre behavior.

Why do liberals see your freedom as their oppression? Because everything to them is a zero-sum game. Liberals only win when everyone who opposes them loses.

The Constitution guarantees the rights of individualism and personal freedom. Your God-given rights as an individual are your power. For liberals to satisfy their lust for absolute power, your individual rights must be taken away from you.

The exercise of free speech is a display of individual power. Liberals despise free speech because it is a right they cannot control. If it takes a rioting mob to keep an individual they hate from speaking, and you from hearing it, so be it.

Small, decentralized government is the best protector of individual rights. Your individualism is considered a threat to the liberal goal of centralizing all power under their control. That is why liberals promote the power of the collective over the power of the individual.

Owning a gun is a display of individual power and freedom as well. That is why liberals are forever fighting and restricting the sale of firearms and ammunition.

With individual freedom comes individual responsibility. If liberals were to embrace freedom, they would have to embrace the responsibility that naturally comes with freedom.

When seen as part of the larger collective, liberals are never held accountable for their actions, nor for the actions of those who act on their behalf.

Although most liberal elitists are wealthy, they despise the freedom that ownership of private property and wealth brings to those who consider themselves individualists.

In the mind of a liberal, the only way a conservative could possibly acquire wealth is if it were stolen, or gained by oppressing someone else.

In their quest to transform our country into a collectivist utopia, liberals have taken over the public schools and universities.

They use our innocent children and young adults to expand their own power by teaching them to hate freedom and to despise traditional American values. Instead, students are taught that all our nation’s problems stem from individualism and the only solution is national collectivism.

Liberal oppressors are relentlessly working to steal and corrupt everything that has made this country the last bastion of freedom on this earth.

Terri Lovell is a lifetime resident of Santa Clarita, a former home school mom, a current College of the Canyons student and a member of a local Republican club.

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  • Gil Mertz

    Not sure who said it. Don’t care. Just know that it’s true.

    If you want to make a conservative angry – lie to him.

    If you want to make a liberal angry – tell him the truth.

    • Frank Rizzo

      Example: Lois

      • Gil Mertz

        I’ve blocked her comments so I’m blissfully unaware of her constant hate notes. As a public service, I’d recommend it to everyone. It’s like flushing the toilet.

  • Brian Baker

    Excellent column, Terri!

  • lois eisenberg

    “Liberal oppressors are relentlessly working to steal and corrupt everything that has made this country the last bastion of freedom on this earth,” and the Republicans are
    relentlessly taking this country down the road to hate, fear, racism, bigotry etc.etc.etc.
    And that road only leads to destruction !!!!!!!

    • Brian Baker

      “And that road only leads to destruction !!!!!!!”

      Of the Left. I can hardly wait!!!!!!!

    • Shecky

      Bwahaha…chicken little is at it again!!
      The sky is falling the sky is falling!!!

      Why don’t you grab “I’m going to build a bullet train” brown and a bunch more dem reps and head out to Canada or some other socialist country.

    • Linda Beck

      I only see one person here spouting hate & fear. Psssssssttt…. it’s you.

  • lois eisenberg

    BREAKING NEWS: “Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general who has built a career out of suing to block the E.P.A.’s major environmental rules, and has called for the dissolution of much of the agency’s authority has been confirmed”
    And here is another Republican taking us down the road to destruction !!!!!

    • Brian Baker


      • lois eisenberg

        “Republican taking us down the road to destruction” is not deserving
        of a Yippeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! comment !!!!!
        A very destructive comment !!!!!!

        • Brian Baker

          Boo-hoo for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shecky

      Whaaaa whoooo!!!!
      Anything you hate….WE LOVE!!

  • lois eisenberg

    “Fact-checking 15 claims from Trump’s news conference (yes, the one where he said “Leaks are real, news is fake”)
    “Trump held a lengthy news conference this week, chock full of dubious claims, false statements and inaccurate information. There were 15 dubious claims from his news conference.” To those that believe in him THE HORROR, THE HORROR!!!!!!!

    • Brian Baker

      Still can’t come up with anything original, can ya?

      PATHETIC, PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lois eisenberg

    “See you in court” has backed fired proofing the instability of donald !!!!!!!
    What is next on his dysfunctional agenda !!!!!

    • Brian Baker

      Whatever it is, it’s bound to have you leftists setting your hair on fire.

      Oh, the age of schadenfreude. Love it!!!!!!!!

  • lois eisenberg

    Donald’s Travel Ban is a major concession of defeat so say the Legal analysts !!!!!!!
    Now that is deserving a Yippeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brian Baker

      And a BIG Yippeeee for the new one he’s putting out next week!!!!!!!

  • lois eisenberg

    Can hardly wait for the up and coming investigation hearings !!!!!
    A BIG, BIG, BIG Yippeeee for that !!!!!!!

    • Brian Baker


      Don’t hold your breath!!!!!!!

  • lois eisenberg

    Per trump: John McCain not a war hero.
    “What goes around comes around”
    “John McCain just systematically dismantled Donald Trump’s entire worldview”