Analisa Astorga: A door through the wall

84 Lumber Superbowl Commercial, YouTube

If you watched Super Bowl LI then you must have seen the controversial 84 Lumber commercial in regard to illegal immigration and the border wall ordered built by President Donald Trump.

We can’t deny the facts that this country was founded upon immigration, and also that illegal immigration does have an effect on the economy. Some will argue that effect is negative, some that it is positive. Certainly it has caused tension and it has divided communities.

The commercial was only a preview for a video that can be found on the company’s website or on YouTube. The plot followed a mother and her young daughter, clearly illegal immigrants, who travel through the harsh desert.

Along their journey they come across others who are following the same path. They make it to the border but are blocked by a massive wall. Of course the mother did not expect it and is flooded with dread and despair. You can truly see the heartbreak and fear across her face.

Her daughter throughout their journey found little items to take with her – even if they were what most consider trash – and she patches those items together to make the American flag.

The girl hands her mother the handmade flag and as the mother appreciates it, she sees a light that proves to be a doorway through the wall into America.

They make their way in and the end of the video states, “The will to succeed is always welcome here.”

I know this commercial is upsetting for many people, but I am at a loss for words. I find it so beautiful, so heartwarming to see that there is still support when it comes to immigration – legal or not.

America was and is the land of hope and opportunity. This is the country where people from across the world come for a better life. Immigrants don’t take your jobs – they work hard labor in factories and farms, harvesting and building things.

They are vendors, chefs, students who pay everything out of pocket, your friends and neighbors. Some travel here to leave poverty behind or to leave dangerous situations.

I have seen some comments that if people don’t like how things are going here to leave, that they are lucky to have freedom of speech here since they may not in another country.

But they shouldn’t leave because this is their country, their home. Let us not ignore their struggles and hardships, for we all struggle and can maybe relate – and if not relate, understand. Everyone deserves equal opportunity, and immigrants have to start from the bottom to get to the top.

When we need a helping hand we should receive it – whether it be from God, a miracle, a friend or family, someone just being generous. No matter what you believe in we are all human and looking to live a good, healthy and safe life.

This 84 Lumber commercial expresses that right now it is hard for this country, but no matter what it must accept new residents. Our country is and always has been diverse, there are always going to be a few bad apples in every race, in every group, in anything.

Those few do not represent the majority. We cannot forget that or feed into the idea and become prejudice.

I come from a family of immigrants who left their homes to come here and start a life filled with hope, prosperity, and freedom. They are citizens and they are immigrants.

They contribute to our country as do those who literally just come here. They work for you, they work with you, beside you, wanting the same goal.

Our country is great, it is beautiful and there could be a few changes – why not? We just need to stop being so hateful and talking out of spite.

When did it become so hard to be kind? Last year was filled with such violence and anger toward one another. The left wing this, the right wing that, liberals this, conservatives that!

We can agree to disagree but be civil, please. We all live in the same country; this is your home just as much as it is theirs.

I welcome those into this country with the plan to better their lives. My rights should be shared with those who are not as fortunate. I will listen to everyone no matter his or her views. I have hope that we can change things for the better.

Analisa Astorga is a Canyon Country resident.

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