The Earth is such a Tiny Place

3d rendering, America - Usa. World network, internet..Photorealistic globe with lots of details.
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The earth is such a tiny place

Filled with such a tiny race

Seeing only what they see

Never being the being they could be

They know they’re somewhere

Out in space

Moving round an infinite place

Scientific studies prove

Earth is part of that cool groove

But little minds they can’t think past

Daily lives or daily tasks

Or stuff that’s only made of stuff

Of which they never get enough

For earth is just a tiny place

Spinning with the Human Race

Beings learning how to be

To see what their eyes cannot see

There is no other lesson here

The universe makes it clear

The more we think we think we know

The more we’ll learn it isn’t so

There is no one way to connect

To illuminate or to reject

The truth of who we really are

Where we’re going, or been so far

For answers like the seasons come

One by one by one by one

So live in peace; learn to love

And all else will be taken care of



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