Steve Lunetta: Why Easter matters


Let’s forget religion. It’s all bunk anyway. Why bother talking about God, Jesus, angels, demons, sin, redemption, grace and the Bible?

Heck, things are going so well we really don’t need these archaic and foolish beliefs.

Our society is at the pinnacle of peace and kindness. Why, you can walk down any street in America and feel perfectly safe. There is no danger due to hate or malice. Those were all eliminated years ago.

Our scientific advances have eradicated hunger and poverty. Didn’t we close down our homeless shelter and erase all those pesky tents down in the riverbed?

Our sheriff’s deputies have nothing to do. I am sure they sit around the station all day long folding paper airplanes and laughing at the good old days when there was crime aplenty – murders, thefts, and other law-breaking.

Racism? Haven’t seen it in years. Just recently, didn’t the KKK elect a black fellow as president of their organization? The South is now a bastion of tolerance and respect for all manner of people.

Does anyone cheat on their taxes anymore? I recall seeing some news report that mentioned the impending closure of the IRS because there was simply no longer any need for it. Everyone pays taxes on time and in full.

Family strife is also a thing of the past. Our progressive thinking regarding families has socially engineered the perfect family unit with everyone left to define for themselves what that unit looks like. With such freedom, the family is the bulwark of stability in our society.

Divorce has been eliminated, domestic abuse forgotten, and suicide all swept away. Faith in ourselves and mankind has eliminated all social ills and replaced the useless conventions of the past.


Fact of the matter is this: A as we turn away from traditional Christian values, our society continues to devolve into the narcissistic mess that we see all around us.

For a culture to grow and prosper, a critical component is a shared value system. Values give structure in the form of laws, courtesy, and order. They also form the bases of social organizations that support charitable functions.

Our holidays are a reflection of what we value.

Many think that Christmas is the most important holiday of the year. I would tend to disagree. While it’s great fun having presents, Santa, reindeer, decorated trees, turkey for dinner, and all the rest, it’s simply a birthday celebration of one person.

Heck, my birthday is just as important.

But, what sets Christmas apart is what happened later. This guy, Jesus, walked around telling people about a much different way of living – to be kind and generous, not cheat people, to honor authorities, to respect women, to pay taxes, and not to lie.

Then, he did something amazing. He predicted his own death and then said he would rise from the tomb in three days. He also said that his sacrifice was for you and me. That his death on the cross was to pay for all the wrong things we have done. The ultimate act of unselfishness.

Of course, the Romans were aware of this and posted a guard to make sure his body wasn’t stolen by some of those crazy poor fishermen. He disappeared anyway.

On the third day, the stone was rolled away and the tomb was empty.

This holiday we call Easter validates Christmas. It makes December 25 far more important than October 17, my birthday. Unless I can rise from the dead in three days, which I sincerely doubt. I can hardly get out of bed in the morning.

Easter becomes pivotal in our society and culture. It celebrates an incredible act of love and selflessness. Name someone today who would gladly give their life for all of humanity?

Sure, we all could probably sacrifice ourselves for our child or mother or spouse. But would you sacrifice your life for Donald Trump? Or Hillary Clinton? I doubt it. This Jesus fellow did.

Want to know more? Check out a local church this Sunday. The Signal is running ads for many churches this week. Pick one. You’ll be glad you did.

Steve Lunetta is a resident of Santa Clarita and will be hanging out at the COC football stadium this Sunday for church if you want to join him. He can be reached at [email protected].

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