A Gift of Love

‘A new door opening.’ Artwork by Naomi Young, Saugus resident and artist. Courtesy photo

As I’m looking at all my book collections there’s one set of books that are so special to me. They bring back special memories for me as I received them from my oldest brother Aryeh on my Bat-mitzvah. The year I turned 12 was considered my coming-of-age. I did not receive many gifts so these books were very special.

I recall the many hours that I spent reading them. In the first two volumes I could learn about my country’s geography, history of my people from its beginning during biblical time until modern times. The third book thought me about science, biology and nature but there was one in particular that was I loved the most and it was about art, both old and modern from all over the world.

The art book opened a new door for me to the outside world and exposed me to all the greatest artists. I remember admiring the beauty of the colorful paintings, tapestries and sculptures shown in fancy museums.  I was so jealous of the talent that was displayed in their amazing works.

Since I didn’t have any art supplies growing up, I let my imagination wander far away with my finger moving on the pages. My brother who was a fantastic writer and had written a few books of his own gave me the gift of love for the written word. I learned to love books and broaden my horizons from the comfort of my home.

Till this day I surround myself with many books. The treasure they hold inside is priceless. These days when I see my poems and short stories published and my works of art are shown in galleries I know where it all started from. I feel gratitude for my brother for his gift that keeps on giving. I know I can escape to another world by sculpting, painting, writing and of course by reading a good book.

I’m pretty sure that I would not have been the writer and the artist that I am today without his influence on me from that very young age.

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