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Valencia's Adam West clears 12 feet, 1 inch in the boys pole vault at a dual meet at Canyon on Thursday, March 23, 2017. Katharine Lotze/The Signal


A theme in many commencement speeches this graduation season is a reminder to graduates that many of the jobs they’ll hold don’t exist yet. Entrepreneurs will lead the way in figuring out what those new jobs will look like.

How much of the next wave of business creation happens in the Santa Clarita Valley remains an open question.  The SCV could become one of engines of entrepreneurial growth or be passed by like rail towns of old that didn’t get an interstate exit.

Take the example of Justin and Brett Clark, founders of WhizTutor, whose story is told in this issue. Potential investors ask if they’re willing to Boston or Austin or Silicon Valley.

They’d like to stay here, but Justin Clark said the tech community in the SCV is small. It could grow into an economic driver of consequence, but for that to happen, it needs support.

Two things that could help: established business leaders willing to carve out time to mentor entrepreneurs, and establishment of co-working spaces that allows for greater collaboration.


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