Leaving the Nest

Artwork by Saugus resident and artist Naomi Young. Courtesy photo

My youngest son who’s twenty four years old is now on his own. He’s moving out of my house and getting his own apartment about 30 minutes away from us. He’s cutting the umbilical cord.

We are all moving from stage to stage in our lives. At his age I also moved from my little country to the big USA. What was important to me to ship here when I knew that this place would be my new home?

I moved some nice blankets and bedspreads that were in my “hope chest” as part of my dowry, my clothes, my record albums and all my books, boxes and boxes of books.

I wonder what were my parent’s feelings then as I was making such a bold move in my life?

I packed for my son some essentials, going through the cabinets and drawers in my house.  I wondered if six big towels are enough for him. I put different sizes of pots and pans with matching lids as well as assorted Tupperware with matching lids, some drinking glasses, serving dishes and bowls and all of my mismatched silverware.

I realize that most of my coffee mugs are personalized. One says “Taurus”, another says “Dennis” on it, one with “Best grandma” and another with “Best grandpa”, (his grandparents) and two of them are my favorite colors and favorite sizes so I’m not ready to part with yet. Luckily I find one mug that is plain and generic to add to his box.

This kind of sorting out is helping me evaluate my life, sort of “taking inventory.” I have so much stuff that I will never miss any of these things. I’m freeing myself from these things and in my heart I wish him good luck in his new place as he is spreading his wings, finding his freedom.

I decide to add some kitchen towels in the last minute. Do I give him all my new ones? No, I give him two new ones, two in a very good shape and one used towel with the rooster on it that might remind him of home. It’s just used enough that it might remind him to come back to his mother’s kitchen every once in a while.  I hope he comes back to roost in his old nest and feels at home there, just like in the good all days.

I miss him already…

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