Wife of missing man files complaint with local sheriff

Will and Linda Cierzan. Courtesy photo


The wife of Six Flags worker Will Cierzan, who has been missing for more than half a year, filed an official complaint Wednesday with the local sheriff’s station about the deputy  initially contacted about his disappearance.

“Last night was exactly six months since my husband has gone missing,” Linda Cierzan wrote to The Signal Thursday on an email account still bearing her husband’s name.

“The family is still hoping and praying that someone will come forward and offer information that will bring Will home safely,” she said.

Andrea Peck, Will Cierzan’s sister, answers questions at Sheriff’s headquarters in Monterey Park from reporters about the disappearance of her brother William Cierzan. Jim Holt

But, while Will Cierzan’s loved ones continue to pray, steps have been taken to challenge the efforts carried out to find him.

“I did file a complaint at the (Santa Clarita Valley) Sheriffs Station yesterday, against the original deputy who took the Missing Persons Report that Thursday night,” Linda Cierzan told The Signal Thursday.

“I feel that if she had done her job properly, she would have seen the blood and detectives would have been called in that night, instead of 24 plus hours later,” she said.

Asked Friday to confirm that the local sheriff’s station received a complaint about their handling of the Cierzan disappearance, one Sheriff’s Station official said officials are looking into the claim.



On Jan. 26, William John Cierzan, 58, who worked at Six Flags Magic Mountain, had been reportedly watching golf on TV with his nephew, Daniel, at 1:30 p.m. that day inside his home on Cuatro Milpas Street, near Seco Canyon Road.

After the nephew left the home, Cierzan began making dinner,  Cierzan’s sister Andrea Peck told The Signal shortly after the disappearance.

“His wife called him between 3:30 and 4 p.m. and he said ‘I’m putting dinner on’ and he was in great spirits,” she said.

At 5 p.m., the wife called again and he said the chicken was cooked.

But, two hours later, Cierzan’s wife arrived home and found the chicken cooked, with the oven turned off.

Her husband’s wallet, keys, and coat were in the house, with credit cards and money in the wallet.  The family dog was in the house.

But, there was no sign of Cierzan.  That was 164 days ago, and there’s been no sign of him since then.



Det. Ralph Hernandez of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s Homicide Bureau two months ago revealed blood evidence collected inside the Cierzan house revealed that the blood belonged to Will Cierzan.

“The blood stains found in the home came back to Will,” he said at the time. “And, we also found his blood at a location outside of his home.”

Will and Linda Cierzan.

Hernandez did not disclose where the blood found “outside of his home” had been found.

“The evidence indicates that an assault did occur,” Hernandez said earlier this month.

Hernandez said he would prefer to have more contact with the last person to see Will Cierzan alive – the nephew, Daniel Cierzan.

“We only have a person of interest and that is Daniel Cierzan,” Hernandez told The Signal in May.

The ordeal over Will Cierzan’s bizarre disappearance has cut a profound rift inside the Cierzan family.

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Homicide detective Ralph Hernandez at the William Cierzan press conference held by deputies in Monterey Park. The man had been missing for a week. Jim Holt/The Signal

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