Loss of a child


By Anya Shah, For The Signal


“It was one of the most devastating experiences of my life.”

Three years ago, Santa Clarita resident Diana Sims lost her son King Josiah Sims just two weeks prior to his due date. A self-published author, Diana has gone through a long journey but has found herself at peace – and is committed to helping others in their journeys.

“I was hurt, I was confused, I didn’t know why this had happened to me,” she describes. Emotionally, she elaborates, “I had done everything the doctors told me to do, and I hadn’t lost any of my previous children.”

“I didn’t know how I could make it past this at this time.”

She then decided to write her book, “Forever King: Surviving the Loss of My Unborn Child,” targeted for mothers of all ages. The book focuses on helping parents get through something like this and begin to heal.

“I needed to get everything out of me. Throughout I never had anywhere to let it out. I realized from this process that no one is exempt from death,” she says.

She also emphasizes the importance of staying positive.

“You have to change your setting and have an atmosphere where you can have peace.”

Santa Clarita resident Diana Sims lost her son just two weeks prior to his due date. Courtesy photo

Sims credits a lot of her support coming from her mother while suffering this heartbreak.

“She was here for me, when I needed a hug or someone to listen, someone to care for me, she was just there.”

Her mother has also participated in outreach programs, like Sims has.

“She also has made others’ similar experiences better, sharing the story of her grandchild that was lost,” Sims said.

To all mothers and fathers going through something similar, she advises that they find group help and connect with other parents undergoing this loss.

“Use the death as a resource to help and heal others.”

Her book includes many articles from the Bible.

“I believed in God and that He had my best interests throughout this,” she explains. Later she adds, “All of the different scriptures and declarations in my book, these things help other women.”

Today, Sims is a successful author and speaker, and is considering writing another book and wants to help more women get through their own processes.

“I’ve been told that it helps, and my goal is to help people continue to live, regaining trust in God regardless of the loss they’ve had.”

“Although I lost my son, I chose to give him life. God gives miracles.”



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