First Time Mommy Gets Back in Shape

Author Cully Schneider is pictured at top left. Courtesy photo
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By Cully Schneider

Saugus Community Contributor


Ten minutes into my new workout program and I felt like I might pass out. I hoped that another mother would scoop me up, put me into my 4 month old’s stroller and wheel me to my car. At least I had an exit strategy.

It was my free trial class at FIT4MOM Santa Clarita Valley – a kid friendly workout program where moms can gather and socialize, and no one bats an eye if your little one is having a bad day. The fitness instructors are known to read aloud and blow bubbles to the kids between yelling out the next set of reps to the moms.

I had packed up my little one that morning hoping to chip away at the remaining 48 pounds I was still reluctantly holding onto after giving birth a few months prior.

I heard about this program through a friend. After going through a free trial class, and deciding to sign up, I very boldly and honestly explained to the instructor how much I hated working out. What I did enjoy, though, was being able to do so without having to leave my infant in a gym daycare.

Group photo of FIT4MOM participants. Courtesy photo

That first class was brutal, but slowly the more classes I attended, the stronger and better I felt each day. I could get my work out done one hour in the morning with my baby, and then go about my day. And it wasn’t just being able to complete my cardio with my little one that I enjoyed about the program; it was also the camaraderie among the mothers.

I asked owner Dani Cohen what inspired her to join the program before becoming a franchise owner. “I started as a member out here,” she recalls, “and it just changed my life so much. I was the first of most of my friends to have a baby when I had Parker and no one could relate really to what I was going through. I just felt like I needed to meet other people that were in the same season of life as I was in, and FIT4MOM Santa Clarita Valley gave me an avenue to do that.”

With all the challenges and changes that come along with becoming a new mom, I feel grateful that this program has given me an opportunity to work on my physical health through exercise and my emotional health through connecting with a group of moms sharing a common, beautiful experience: motherhood.

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