Sienna, the Golden Retriever. Courtesy photo

By Kris Johnson, Santa Clarita Contributor


During your travels around Santa Clarita, did you notice a car in the left lane next to you with a dog, resting her head on the Passenger front window and staring out at the world?  Not only was she looking around, but she had both of her front paws on either side of her furry face.  Did you take a picture?  Did you tell your children in the back seat to wave at the doggie?  Were you or your children one of the many hands that would stop and pet her when you saw her waiting outside of school to pick up her own kids?  Are you one of many crossing guards that would always wave and occasionally drop your “STOP” sign and come over and pet her hello?  That was my beautiful “Sienna”.

Sadly we lost her to bone cancer this last August 3, and to say our family is sad is simply inadequate.   But rather than dwell on her passing, I wanted to share how much joy she gave this beautiful valley just by her “Golden Retriever Smile” always shining out my car window.

Anywhere that I went during my day that she could ride shot gun, she was game.  I’d say, “Go get your Girl?” or “Car Sienna?” and she was at that back door in a snap waiting with tail wagging at supersonic speed.  She loved her time in my car and drove as much and as often as possible with me.  Always, rain or shine, both paws on the open window ledge and face in between watching the world pass by.

More times than I can count, people would roll down their windows and ask, “Do you mind if I take a picture?”  I didn’t.  And I didn’t mind when people didn’t ask and took a picture anyway.  When the children in the cars next to us would smile and wave, I would pick up her ear and she would “Wave” back.  The moms often looked at me and mouthed “so cute”, mimicking her paws around their faces.

Sienna would join me every day to pick up my son and daughter from Elementary, Junior High and High School.  We got to the point where she handed out holidays cards every December to her “Fan Club”.  She even had a picture in the school yearbook!  She LOVED the attention of course, and passed her love and sweetness on to everyone that came into contact with her. One day, not long ago, she was in the car with me and I heard someone say, “Hi Sienna”.  I looked over and saw it was a friend of mine.  I told her I wondered who was talking to my dog.  Her answer “Are you kidding?  Sienna’s a Rock Star”.

My sweet pup crossed the Rainbow Bridge after living 11 short years.  But she touched hundreds of people in this valley in that short time with her ever present “Golden Retriever Smile”.

You are so missed my Sweet Pup.


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