The Spirit of Halloween

Hatley Haunted House. Courtesy photo
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By Nicole Lynch-Coughlin, Santa Clarita Contributor

When it comes to the spirit of Halloween there is no one like Adam Hatley. Adam, 43 years of age who lives in Newhall builds haunted houses to draw large crowds and collects food donations for the local SCV food pantry.

He built his first haunted house in 2010 and every year after that for four years in a row. He skipped two years but then decided that this year he was going to build a haunted house bigger and better than ever before, since the youngest of his three children, Gabe Hatley, 17 is graduating from Hart High school this year. His older children are Juliet, 21 and Josephine, 20.

For over a month Adam has spent many hours hand building one of the scariest haunted houses there is. He and the entire Hatley family including his brother Kyle and sister-in-law Emily, that recently moved here from Tennessee, built a haunted house on the side of Adam’s yard that connects to his tool shed. It is at least 60 feet in length, 20 feet wide and it’s approximately 1200 square feet. The family spent many week nights and a whole weekend building this phenomenal spooky house for charity.

Adam, who has a heart of gold, selfless mentality and a deep compassion for helping others wanted to put everything he had into making this haunted house so that he could get people from all over and collect as many donations as possible to help those in need.

Inside this incredibly, huge, creative haunted house you will find multiple mazes with 7 different scare rooms that have everyone’s favorite Halloween movie scenes and their scariest characters including Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Ring, The lost Boys, Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Scream, It the creepy clown and Michael Meyers from Halloween.

The whole Hatley family, along with friends of the family,  have pulled together and gone all out to help Adam creatively and to help play the characters that jump out to scare you in this insanely awesome haunted house.

Adam who is The manager of Afterburn Fitness in Valencia has also decided that this year, in addition to collecting food for the SCV Food Pantry and warm jackets for the homeless that he would also collect donations for the Sonoma County fire victims. After a member at Afterburn fitness came to him with tears in her eyes concerned for her daughter who lives there and the efforts to raise money for all the victims of the fire Adam, started an online donation site through Facebook to help the fire victims through the magic of his Spooky haunted house.

He will have his haunted house open for three days including Halloween night and he is hoping to collect enough to help everyone.

We could all learn a thing or two from this family about giving and helping others in need.

Some people say that The Christmas spirit is the time for giving…but, not The Hatley family. They believe that the time to give is ALL year long and got into the “spookiest spirit” to help others in need.

The Hatley Haunted House is located at 23359 8th Street in Newhall. Donations requested are canned goods and warm jackets. Monetary donations may be made at:

Hours are Monday, October 30, 7-10 p.m. and Tuesday, October 31, 7- midnight (may close earlier if crowd is gone).

Good for all ages, ask for “Safe Word” for the younger set.

Hatley Haunted House. Courtesy photo

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