“When I Am Gone”

Metro Creative
By Arnold Mann, Valencia Community Contributor   When I am gone… I will miss; The blue sky that gleams from above… The cry of the mourning dove… The hug of a lovable child… The unknown of that which is wild. I will miss; The sound of the ever crashing waves… Those beautiful long summer days… The smell of the fresh morning dew… The trees that I’ve planted and grew. I will miss; A cup of coffee at nine… A lunch with a close friend of mine… A half hour walk in the park… A concert just before dark. I will miss; The soothing relief of a tub… The delight of a good back rub… The cleansing effect of the rain… The plentiful ideas in my brain. I will miss; Awaking to start a new day… The tennis and golf that I play… But most of all I dare say… I’ll miss that old roll in the hay. I will miss; A phone call from Jolie or Jack… Robins and wrens in the back… An email from Eliz or Nate… Missy or Ed on a date. I will miss; An occasional cough and a shiver… The urge to jump into a river… The delightful feel of a kiss… These are some of the things I will miss.