Woman killed by suspected drunk driver Friday night while traveling home from visiting premature twins

Alcohol is suspected to be a factor in the collision that caused the death of 37-year-old Katie Evans late Friday night who was driving home from visiting her premature twins at the hospital.

A fundraising page has raised around $73,000 by 10:26 a.m. Sunday morning to assist the family who is now left with six kids to care for.

The 22-year-old suspected drunk driver was driving down Golden Valley Road when she hit a curb, lost control of her vehicle then sideswiped another vehicle.

“She sideswiped one car and then hit the other one head on,” said Sgt. Dan Dantice with the SCV Sheriff’s Station. “They found alcohol containers in the vehicle.”

The suspect ended up veering onto oncoming traffic where she hit Evans’s car sustaining major damage. Evans was pronounced dead at the scene.

The suspect went to the hospital and has since been released. She was brought back to the sheriff’s station where she was booked for misdemeanor DUI pending further investigation.

She has since been released from the sheriff’s station.

“She was released pending further charges,” said Dantice. “They wouldn’t have filed anything more than a DUI that night.”

Evans was killed just a mile from her home and couldn’t go a day without visiting her new twins at the hospital according to the fundraising page.

The occupant of the third vehicle that was initially hit did not require transport to the hospital.

The collision happened near the intersection of Golden Valley Road and Valley Center Drive.



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  • "“They wouldn’t have filed anything more than a DUI that night.”"


    If the DUI driver is an illegal and skips town, the DA should be run out of office.

    • No doubt! This is a travesty of justice for the poor mother and the family she leaves behind.

      They *released* the perp? Good grief.

  • Death by Drunk driver is an accepted
    form of passing in America. If it were not; Drunk drivers would be
    punished with lifetime License loss and lifetime sentencing for Criminal
    negligence causing death or injury.
    Without the forgoing there is clearly no deterrent. Except for MADD who needs drunken death carnage to raise funds,
    Giving Drunk drivers a pass is really socially acceptable.
    Pay attention ..You don't see petitions to keep careless impaired drivers in jail. You don't see demonstrations to demand "no parole" for any death dealing drunk drivers!
    Every year more people are killed by Drunk drivers than by firearms - and there are no lifetime bans on Drunk
    driving - and get this.. ""Driving is not even a protected right in the Constitution!""
    In light of the forgoing; refute the contention that death by Drunk Driving defaults to being socially acceptable...try .

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