Kevin Eliason: Where’d that Municipal Airport go?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I know we have a lot of filming going on out here, which is great for the economy and publicity for Santa Clarita. Last Thursday night, I watched the third episode of a new updated version of the SWAT series, originally filmed in the ’70s.

A very good show. However, in the plot, LAPD SWAT tracked the bad guys to a real estate office in “Santa Clarita” used for laundering money. Then they escaped and went to the “Santa Clarita Municipal Airport,” where they were making the getaway, and final capture shootout scenes were filmed.

I expected a dirt field but found out we have a highly modern airport with hangers and lots of air traffic. So my question is: Where is this Santa Clarita Municipal Airport that I have now received calls about from out-of-state friends?

Good publicity for the city name, but just a wee bit too far fictional. It was nice to see, though … maybe some day.

Kevin Eliason
Santa Clarita


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