How My Love of Motorcyles Led to Me to Write Books

Local Author Don Gately of Valencia. Courtesy photo

By Don Gately, Valencia Community Contributor


Cover of A Way with Women by Valencia author Don Gately. Courtesy photo

A long time ago I got the chance to write a monthly column for a motorcycle magazine.  That led me to contribute stories to other motorcycle magazines.  Then I was given the opportunity to publish the best of these pieces in a book we called Over the Handlebars (the name of the monthly column).

I realized that I really enjoy writing and even more so when I know there are people reading what I write.  And because I had been a motorcyclist since 1955, I thought it best to continue writing about what I knew the most about.  So my second book The Next Best Thing to Sex is a novel about motorcycle racing.

Next, I decided to spread my literary wings and write a novel about more than just motorcycling.   A Way with Women is about Rob White, a short order cook in Mississippi who rises to the head of a Los Angeles advertising agency by using women.  There is still some motorcycling, but mostly this is about “the sexy sixties”.   It was a culture-changing time – the pill, free love, swinging singles apartments, nude beaches, hippies, communes, Woodstock, demonstrations,  Vietnam, protest songs.

All Three books are available as ebooks, or paperbacks from  Or, for more information, go to


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