Bob Searcy: The state of the state

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Good morning, as I read the Signal, it’s quite sad to read the constant bombardment from the liberal left.

Gary, Lois, Lee, Joshua etc. How can you be so naive to continually push the negative? Are you so proud of the Democratic leadership of this state? Sanctuary state for illegals, we break the law we pay the price, not them their rewarded.

Gas taxes, vehicle registration going up, roads in disrepair. California dams in danger of collapse, too many things to list.

And you people praise the likes of Moonbeam Gov. Brown, and the rest of the California leadership. Under the Democrats running this state, it is going down the tubes. Very unfortunate.

At one time it was the state to move to. Not anymore.

Please pull your heads out of the sand before it’s too late.

It’s very obvious it’s all about votes for your party, and you could care less about the common people. You talk a big game, but it’s showing where you’re coming from.

Bob Searcy



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