Jim Horton: Liberal programs’ failed history

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Joshua Heath, Jan. 2 “A New GOP Member’s Perspective.”

Joshua seems to write from inside a cloister that forbids any contact with the outside world. Liberals never cease to amaze me. Every liberal program ever passed has been fraught with unintended consequences which have made them a failure right out of the gate.

We all remember Obamacare. It was so plagued with lies and deceit that it was doomed to failure before it could be enacted.
Global warming is another can of worms that the liberals have foisted on us. Just let me correct one of Joshua’s numbers. Ninety-nine percent of scientists do not agree that there is global warming. It is 99 percent of the one percent who are liberals that believe in global warming. Global warming is a scam that any right-minded individual can evaluate.

In 1975 we were headed for a new ice age. Then some news chief forgot to keep writing and it was forgotten. Global warming is one of those subjects that has to be constantly stirred to not be forgotten.

There are some actual problems that are worth worrying about, such as all the institutionalized poor that were created by the great society. People have been poor for so long that they have lost all motivation to try and better their circumstances. In too many big cities in this country, the liberals have been in charge for 40 years and these cities have declined into wastelands of poverty. The people in charge are not good stewards of their people.

To sum up, Joshua, you don’t seem to be much of a student of our near past history. There is nothing there that can’t be learned if you look closely and peer with an open mind.

Jim Horton

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