Does the SCV need more high-end restaurants?

By Signal Staff

Last update: Monday, January 8th, 2018

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Does the SCV need more high-end restaurants?

Saugus student Katie Mularky, right, and classmate Katie Armendariz, left, taste their dish as prepared by the chefs at Wolf Creek Restaurant and Brewery in Valencia on Wednesday, May 10, 2017. Katharine Lotze/The Signal

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  • Kyana McJunkins

    We think our Valley needs more casual, affordable (private owned – not necessarily corporate) family dining places where you can sit down and enjoy an American style meal~ breakfast, lunch and dinner and not spend too much. Sort of like a Marie Calendars (minus the high price tag for mediocre food and service). I would mention Denny’s but their food is such poor quality and again, for the price, sadly, there really is no value for the experience nowadays. We seem to have plenty of Mexican and Fine Italian places to blow money at in town, but there really are no good domestic places like a “Norm’s”, (which my husband and I have long dreamed of having one here in the SCV (Even went so far as to petition them to consider our valley as a new location). Food for thought…

  • lois eisenberg

    SCV does need more AFFORDABLE RESTAURANTS !!!!!

  • lois eisenberg

    SCV does need a Good Jewish Deli to add to our array of ethnic foods ~~~~~~

    • Ron Bischof

      Agreed, Ms. Eisenberg.

      Is Brent’s in Northridge worth the drive?

      • lois eisenberg

        “Is Brent’s in Northridge worth the drive?”
        Absolutely ~~~~~

  • Frank Rizzo

    Yes. If you go to one now, they are all packed all the time. The need is there.

  • Rudy Ten

    We need some good affordable all-you-can-eat Asian buffets.