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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Dick Cesaroni’s letter, (“Enough already on the burger joints,” January 10) is wrong to criticize an “out of town” company for opening another “burger joint” at the new development on Copper Hill Drive at Rio Norte Drive. Archibald’s Burgers, the restaurant which had announced they were taking over the space that had been initially slated to house El Pollo Loco may be out of town, but they’re far from the worst.

Mr. Cesaroni argues that we have “three of the best burger restaurants in the world” and then proceeds to name three corporately held, out-of-town establishments, which hold a combined 531 locations across 14 states. He laments the losses of Applebee’s, Tony Roma’s, TGI Friday’s and KFC, all of which are again, massive corporate chains with little chance of being individualized and responsive to the community’s menu preferences (despite Applebee’s prolific local HS gear on the walls). He decides that Archibald’s, despite not offering any first hand knowledge, is not worthy of those restaurant’s heritage.

Santa Clarita will be Archibald’s seventh restaurant, all of which are located in Southern California, and only the second in Los Angeles County. That they’re willing to take a risk and stake a claim in Santa Clarita speaks to the improving quality of selections that we’ve got in Santa Clarita. And while it may just be a “burger joint” it may end up being one of the great, local small restaurants we have here in Santa Clarita to grab a burger (like Cousin’s Burgers, Everest, Jimmy Dean’s, etc.) who may not make an amazing gourmet burger, but is certainly far better than the ones you get from the international chains that truly control the landscape.

I’m sorry that El Pollo Loco isn’t making a return to Valencia any time soon apparently, but highly recommend that Mr. Cesaroni try Charcoal Grill Chicken on Soledad Canyon at Crossglade for his chicken fix. It’s locally owned, and is incredible both in flavor and in value, and worth the drive, regardless of where you are.

In the meantime, feel free to join me at Archibald’s after they open. I’m a sucker for a burger, onion rings, and a chocolate shake.

Todd R. Wilson,

Founder, Santa Clarita Foodies

Publisher, eatSCV

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