file photo. flashing SCV Sheriff Station patrol lights.

Crime Blotter: Canyon Country (West)

02/05/18 Commercial Burglary- 20300 block of Rue Crevier  Forced entry into victim’s garage, RC cars and equipment stolen. Grand Theft Auto- 19300 block of Stillmore Street  Vehicle stolen. Residential Burglary- 26800 block of Isabella Parkway  Victim’s front door was forced open, victim stated no property was taken. Grand Theft- 21500 block of Centre Pointe Parkway  Victim left her cell phone at business, when she returned it was gone. 02/11/18 Vehicle Burglary- 27300 block of Camp Plenty Road  Victim’s vehicle window smashed, camera stolen. 02/04/18 Grand Theft Auto- 27100 block of Crossglade Avenue  Vehicle stolen. 02/01/18 Vehicle Burglary- 19300 block of Stillmore Street  Victim’s vehicle rear window smashed, tools stolen. 01/29/18 Robbery- 18600 block of Soledad Canyon Road  Victim left store carrying ice cream. Suspect approached him and demanded his ice cream. Victim and suspect wrestled over the property. The suspect obtained the ice cream and ran away. Shortly after running away, he dropped the ice cream. The victim retrieved his property and walked him. 01/31/18 Petty Theft- 27900 block of Arcay Avenue  Cell phone was stolen out of victim’s unlocked vehicle. 01/30/18 Vehicle Burglary- 19000 block of Nearbrook Street  Forced entry into victim’s vehicle, vehicle speakers stolen.   Source: SCV Sheriff’s Station


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