Gary Morrison: Thoughts and prayers?

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Thoughts and prayers?

So today it is Parkland, Florida. Right away we hear the “thoughts and prayers” statement. By now that trite nonsense rings useless. Thoughts and Prayers have stopped zero school and other mass shootings. If the god you pray to had any interest in stopping these events, and if he is as all knowing and all powerful, and all loving, they wouldn’t be happening. Asking for solace and comfort for the communities and victims families is a poor substitute for action.

Someone has to do something. This stuff keeps happening. Our government isn’t going to have a debate and hold hearings. They re not even able to keep statistics on the repeated atrocities. It gets left to private parties, universities and in rare cases the states to at least keep up with the data. Doing something? That’s another “can of worms.”

The reports from the school board stated that all their schools have police officers on campus. So much for “the good guy with a gun” trope that “Donny Johnny” spouts.

What is so different about the USA that this happens so much more often here than anywhere else, except perhaps Colombia?

We need to get our representatives out of the pocket of the NRA, or get rid of them and elect people who are not there in the first place. Many talk about “common sense” solutions. Isn’t it apparent? Common sense is very uncommon when it comes to gun discussions.

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