Richard Myers: No fear of guns

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I just read Brian Baker’s March 15 piece, “The Second Amendment and the Militia,” and I’d like him to know that I am getting mighty tired of him and his “Militia Booster” friends explaining the Second Amendment to us poor uninformed.

No, Mr. Baker, “hoplophobia” does not apply. Just because one argues for gun control does not mean that one has a fear of guns.

If I learn to swim that does not mean that I fear being in the water. It means that if I am in the water, I would like to be in control—just as I would like to be in control if I am in a world of weapons.

Furthermore, Mr. Baker, I, and the rest of us who you try to belittle with your neologism, understand the historical meaning of “Militia” and how it applied then and how it applies today.

As for your claim that we need a present day unorganized militia in the event our government becomes tyrannical, I can only say—baloney.

Get real.

What you and your NRA lovers don’t or won’t recognize is that we have a chance to prevent, or at least reduce, mass slaughter of our citizenry. There are multitudes of things we can do but of prime importance is the ban of automatic and semi-automatic weapons.

Without that ban, the slaughter will, without doubt, continue.

Richard Myers


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