Stephanie Green: Them vs. US

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In the March 14 edition of The Signal, right-wing letter writer, Jay DelDotto, criticized left-wing writer, Lois Eisenberg, because of the “verbal venom that she disgorges about Republicans.”

He then unleashed a hateful tirade against all things Democrat.

Can we all agree that everyone has a right to voice their opinion? That is why people write in to The Signal.

We lefties have just as much right to vent as the righties. We have different values. We cannot change anyone.

Just as many on the right have vilified Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for years in this very paper, Donald Trump is now the bane of our liberal existence.
Get use to it.

We have every right to not like him or his policies. You can’t change us and we can’t change you.

Stephanie Green
Santa Clarita

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