Lois Eisenberg: Pruitt’s problems

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

Knowing that Scott Pruitt is the culprit behind the destruction of the EPA and knowing that he is actively and signal-handily by all accounts trying to destroy this most important agency shows what a dangerous man he is.

Pruitt is wittingly trying to destroy our glorious planet.

With no conscience he is hell-bent on carry out his extreme damaging agenda of polluting the world.

His newest morbid action is to “roll back fuel economy standards for motor vehicles” claiming that they will be cheaper to make, and not considering by doing so the buyers won’t live long enough to enjoy the reductions in the price of their cars.

Los Angeles has never had so many smog free days since the inception of the EPA.

Not only is Pruitt evil about his negative agenda of the EPA he is one of the corrupt cabinet members of the other evil man’s corrupt cabinet.

There seems to be a trend in Trump’s administration to lie, be corrupt , dishonest, unethical and untrustworthy following in the footsteps of the liar-in-chief.

Pruitt has been criticized for his exorbitant spending habits. Beside his renting a condominium on Capitol Hill for $50 a night from a gas industry lobbyist doesn’t compare to his other misdeeds of taking trips home to Tulsa, Oklahoma, a family vacation to Disneyland and attending a Rose Bowl football game in Pasadena all paid for by the taxpayer.

There is so much more in wrongdoings by Pruitt as referenced in the Huffington Post article on April 3, “Scott Pruitt buffeted by growing pressures to resign for EPA.”

Pruitt is a very dangerous man and should be reckoned with.

Lois Eisenberg

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