Real Cowgirls Drive Trucks

Olga and her pickup. Courtesy photo

By Olga Kaczmar, Newhall Community Contributor

Olga’s pickup and horse trailer. Courtesy photo

Pickup trucks are a necessity for cowgirls.  They haul their horses to rodeos, parades, jump events, trail trials and group rides all over the mountains.  On overnight rides they schlepp an extra bale of hay and jugs of water next to their bedroll.  No curlers…but plenty of brushes and rubbing rags for the horses.

My Chevy pickup was a lot of fun.  When driving down the road, male pickup drivers would high-five when passing.  Semi truck drivers would look down from their perches and blow me kisses. When I was hauling a load of bricks for my RV access driveway, I got a thumbs-up sign from men in their pickups.

One evening I went to a big event in a ritzy Beverly Hills hotel, so I dressed in a slinky red dress with a rabbit fur wrap.  I pulled up at the valet parking and gave the man my key.  Mercedes, Rolls, and other sleek cars were visible. Evidently, they don’t get many pickups in the valet parking.

He looked at my truck, then scanned me up and down and said,

“What do you do?”

“Anything I want!”  I replied, winked at him and clicked my high heels through the hotel doors.



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